July 18, 2007

On the US anti missile system

Only ballistic missile launched from site in Russia just north of Iran could possibly be intercepted by the planned American system. Few Russian launch sites are located there and it would make no sense for those that are located there to be targeted on the US. Get out globe or a polar projection map and chart the trajectories. Remember ballistic missiles launched at targets thousands of miles away must travel great circle routes corrected for the rotation of the earth during flight, which is a relatively minor correction. The vast majority of Russian launch sites are north or east of Moscow, many Far East of Moscow, and it would be simply impossible for missile interceptors launched from Poland to hit them. Iran today does not have missiles that could reach the US but the system is planned to meet a future not a present threat and for it to be in pace then one needs to start now. As for North Korea, check your geography. Alaska is on the trajectory from North Korea to the US west coast and that is where the missile interceptors or to be sited. Any site in Poland would be obviously irrelevant with respect to a missile launched from N. Korea.

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