September 30, 2007

Metal cabinets in the garage

The garage is a place where the family gathers, children play and pets wander. Make sure this area is safe by storing chemicals and sharp or dangerous items on high shelves or inside locked cabinets. offers products that create a safe environment for all family members to enjoy.

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The dollar’s current weakness is not a short-term phenomenon

Now, it’s clear that the dollar’s current weakness is not a short-term phenomenon, because, while the euro and GBP are unlikely to appreciate in USD terms much more, based on fundamentals, the ruble, yuan, yen and rupee are all going to trend upward over the next decade, making USD assets even more of a bargain. The Economist Intelligence Unit, for example, predicts that the RMB will be at 6.30 to the dollar in 2012, the yen at 91.8 and the INR at 36.8. Nevertheless, while diversification-motivated investment inflows from these countries into the U.S. are inevitable, the level of outward investment will depend a great deal on domestic investment opportunities and domestic growth in these countries.

Ukrainians attempted to end a standoff between their two feuding leaders

Ukrainians attempted to end a standoff between their two feuding leaders in parliamentary elections Sunday that could finally shake some sense into the nation's politics after years of infighting _ or plunge the ex-Soviet nation into even more turmoil. Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's hope: retain his party's dominance in parliament and thus preserve his job. President Viktor Yushchenko's bet: by forging a last-minute alliance with fiery opposition crusader Yulia Tymoshenko, seize a majority in parliament and unseat his longtime nemesis, Yanukovych. The vote _ the fourth in three years _ will either boost Ukraine's hopes to integrate more closely into Europe or throw it another round of infighting. While forging a coalition with Tymoshenko could takes weeks of bargaining, and Yanukovych would not give up power easily, Yushchenko dismissed concerns about tensions worsening after the vote.

What do you store in your garage?

The garage is often one of the biggest shared spaces in the home full of livable and useable square footage. Unfortunately many homeowners are at a loss for how to best utilize the garage storage appropriately. The garage often becomes the space for junk or useless things.

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Thompson is selling himself as the most devoted conservative in the Republican field

The calls flooding the Senate office of Fred Thompson in the winter of 1999 showed that his Tennessee constituents overwhelmingly favored removing President Bill Clinton from office. But as the historic impeachment trial neared, records show, Thompson agonized over what he saw as two "bad choices." Years before, as Republican counsel to the Senate Watergate committee, Thompson had witnessed the proceedings that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He ordered up lengthy staff memorandums on what the founding fathers intended when they said a president could be removed for "high crimes and misdemeanors." Did the president's cover-up of an affair with a White House intern justify deposing him "against the will of the people," Thompson wondered. "His office is too high and the crimes too low," he mused. Today, Thompson is campaigning for president, selling himself as the most devoted conservative in the Republican field.

Obama vs Clinton

Barack Obama said that the front-runner for his party's nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton, does not offer the break from politics as usual that voters need. Both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, former President Clinton, have criticized Obama for his lack of political experience. Obama said his opposition to the Iraq war before combat began shows his experience. Clinton voted to authorize military action in Iraq. This week marks the fifth anniversary of a speech Obama gave in 2002 opposing the Iraq war, and he'll spend the week revisiting that address and discussing the foreign policy challenges he says it has created.

September 28, 2007

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The problem with Zimbabwean politics is that ideas are rejected

The problem with Zimbabwean politics is that ideas are rejected for who proposes them than for their substance. This observation would come in such a dramatic fashion, from senior officials of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). It all had to do with the MDC's sudden volte-face on Constitutional Amendment Number 18 Bill. In explaining the decision, secretary-general in the Arthur Mutambara faction, Welshman Ncube, told parliament last week: "We believe that we cannot continue to conduct politics for the sake of politics. We believe that we must begin to conduct our politics in the service of the people, otherwise it is meaningless."

Why would a political party with ambitions to form the next government conduct politics for its own sake? Why would a party with clear policies and alternative propositions to reverse the current economic slide engage in something meaningless while potential voters suffer? It would appear the overriding quest has always been to see the back of President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, and hope that things will sort themselves out.

Gov. Jim Gibbons has not put much in the bank

In the commerce of politics, the most valuable commodity, perhaps the only one is credibility. Gov. Jim Gibbons has not put much in the bank since he took office at the beginning of the year. In fact, when he gave a speech last week hyped as his foray into the mortgage-lending crisis, he already was operating at a deficit.

He had already appointed as his head of the Business and Industry Department a woman named Mendy Elliott, a former Wells Fargo employee without much standing in the political community. The appointee was seen as yet another northerner by many southern folks, and one who had few relationships in the political or business worlds here.

September 26, 2007

Iran is a terrorist State, do not forget it!

The Iranian press have reacted angrily to the reception Mr Ahmadinejad received at an earlier speaking engagement at Columbia university, where he was described by the university president as a "petty and cruel dictator".

It's so interesting that so many of Iran's defenders seem to be of a liberal persuasion. What is it exactly in the repressive theocratic state of Iran that they find worth defending? Their censored press? Their imprisonment of political reformers? Their shameful treatment of women and homosexuals? Is standing in opposition to the US enough to cause them to ignore their principles? Sad to say, but I guess it is for some.

Yes to free-trade with Colombia

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said opposition in the U.S. Congress to a free-trade agreement with Colombia is more of a threat to Latin America's democratic and economic progress than the region's ``dictators.'' Harper, who leads the Western hemisphere's second largest economy, said a rejection of the pact would set a bad example in a region that is still a ``work in progress,'' and hinted U.S. lawmakers are being too hard on the Colombian government's human rights record.

The U.S. Congress is in a standoff over the killings of labor leaders and other abuses by paramilitary groups linked to the government of President Alvaro Uribe, potentially setting the stage for the first-ever rejection of a trade agreement by Congress. President George W. Bush's administration has said rejection of the deal would send a message the U.S. has turned its back on the region. Colombia and the U.S. reached the accord 18 months ago, and it has languished in Congress ever since. Uribe's government says the pact would lead to a flood of foreign investment and provide farmers with a way to move out of illegal coca production.

Morgan dollar

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India and Pakistan. South Asia military unbalanced

The military structure of India and Pakistan is the most cumbersome and huge, both in terms of men and material. About defense expenditure, Bangladesh spends 840 million dollars, India 21.7 billion dollars, Nepal 139 million dollars, Pakistan 4.14 billion dollars and Sri Lanka 686 million dollars per year.

India also ordered three modified Krivak III frigates on July 6, 2006, from Russia for 1.1 billion dollars. The Indian Air Force is also seeking 126 multi-role combat aircraft, 80 new helicopters and light combat aircraft, it adds. Pakistan is also purchasing arms for its forces, including a 1.15 billion dollars order in June 2006 for six Swedish SAAB 2000 turboprop AWACS aircraft with radars from Ericsson Microwave Systems.

Pakistan signed a major $5 billion arms deal with the US on September 30, 2006, to purchase 18 new F-16C/D fighter aircraft equipped with AMRAAM - beyond visual range air-to-air-missiles - with the option to buy 18 additional new aircraft and upgrade its existing 34 F-16 aircraft. It is also planning to acquire up to 150 JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft worth $2 billion and an estimated 36 J-10 fighter aircraft worth $1.2 billion both from China.

Britain needs strong ties with both the United States and Europe

Britain needs strong ties with both the United States and Europe, its foreign minister said as he sketched out a "second wave" of foreign policy under a new prime minister. His comments came amid recent signs of strains in the transatlantic alliance as British troops hand over powers to Iraqi security services in the south of the country. Since Brown took over as prime minister from Blair, he has appointed a number of Iraq war sceptics to his Cabinet, who reportedly had private doubts about the invasion. And it is thought that he could announce further British troop withdrawals in a statement to parliament in October.

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Go down Burma Junta!!!!

I am in absolute awe of the Monks! Their bravery and determination have moved me and inspired me, especially as they are prepared to sacrifice themselves and protect the civilian population.

Unlike '88, this protest is organized; led by non-political moral authority of Burma; the place of attack by the military is not the General Hospital, but Shwedagon Pagoda, the sacred, ancient (Mon ethnicity) Buddhist stupa that itself has become a religious symbol of Burma, and of Burmese Buddhism. The military just lost the moral authority to rule. This protest is organized, with mature civil groups and trained civil leaders in the wings. It's possible they might overthrow the junta in death.

Justice process is being manipulated in Canada

A lawyer who represents one of the 15 suspects accused of plotting to blow up Parliament Hill and offices of the CBC and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service says politics was behind the decision to stop a preliminary hearing earlier this week. The Crown made the unusual decision to take the case directly to trial without fully examining star witness and police informant Mubin Sheikh.

On CBC Radio's As It Happens, defense lawyer Dennis Edney said the justice process is being manipulated. Edney also said he has asked a Superior Court judge to release files from CSIS to shed light on what happened in the lead up to his client's arrest.

September 25, 2007

Senior singles

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Japan new government

Japan should contribute the peace of the world much more. It does not mean that Japan increases military support but it should stress the way of peaceful solution of conflicts such as in Afghanistan or Iraq. Mr. Fukuda is a moderate statesman so he can perform flexible policy for the peace of the world. Mr.Fukuda is a conservative with many of the beliefs of ex PM Koizumi but don't expect any fireworks or real changes in the near future.The fact that his Cabinet will be mainly of existing Abe members is a signal of what to expect.There has to be a new, forward thinking party if Japan ever hopes to climb out of the stale political cycle.Mr.Fukuda says that he hopes to revive the LDP.I wish him luck but I won't hold my breath.

Oil corruption case

The trial of an Alaska politician accused of taking bribes from the oil industry has offered a glimpse into more widespread corruption in the state's government. Details emerged in the trial of former state House Speaker Pete Kott about oil-friendly legislators who dubbed themselves the "Corrupt Bastards Club" and secretly taped booze-soaked hotel conversations showing how leaders of the state's biggest oil-services company used their clout to manipulate Alaska politics. The Kott trial, which began September 5 and went to the jury Monday afternoon, is the second so far resulting from a wide-ranging federal corruption probe that broke a year ago with raids by federal agents of several lawmakers' offices and homes. The probe has ensnared U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, U.S. Rep. Don Young and others.

Biker planet

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On the UN General Assembly

Humanitarian aid is what the UN does best. It does not do it well, too much corruption for that. Sanctions are ignored by countries because they know the UN will never back up any threats unless the USA does all of the heavy lifting.

1. …big issues…?
Demographic growth, existence of the leftist mentality in the West, revolutionaries, religious and nationalist fanaticism, dictatorships, corruption, gender segregation and oppression, ecology.
2. How would you solve some…?
Helping countries to control population growth. Systematic, consistent and thorough study of infantilism in adults as well as of its influence on politics.
3. Who … has the best vision for the future?
I mostly trust Bush, Sarkozy, Ban Ki-Moon.

Myanmar: government antidemocratic measures

The military government banned assemblies of more than five people and imposed curfews in Myanmar's two largest cities, after thousands of Buddhist monks and sympathizers defied orders to stay out of politics and protested once again. Truckloads of soldiers converged on Yangon after the monks; cheered on by supporters, marched out for an eighth day of peaceful protest from Yangon's soaring Shwedagon Pagoda, while some 700 others staged a similar show of defiance in the country's second largest city of Mandalay. President Bush announced new U.S. sanctions against Myanmar; formerly known as Burma, accusing the military dictatorship of imposing ''a 19-year reign of fear'' that denies basic freedoms of speech, assembly and worship.

Tattoo personals

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Nobel Prize to Myanmar monks

I would love to see the peace prize go to the buddhist monks in Burma who launched the recent demonstrations and marches. That is what nonvioent peace making is all about. It would send a message to the junta and would express support and solidarity of the international community in a way that the UN Sec. Council is unable to do as long as China and Russia don't lean on the junta. However, I imagine the revolt came too late for this year's consideration, so maybe they could win next year?

The Nobel Prize must be awarded to the democracy defenders.

Nouri al-Maliki momentum

Nearly two months after Sunni Arab ministers walked out, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki appears to have weathered a political crisis that once threatened to bring down his government. Using a mix of brinkmanship, political cunning and strong U.S. support, the Shiite leader now appears to have seized the political initiative from his opponents. He dismissed charges by his Sunni Arab critics that he was pursuing sectarian policies. And he brushed aside criticism that he has failed to win over the Arab world's Sunni-dominated regimes. The prime minister also took credit for the U.S.-backed revolt by Sunni tribal chiefs against al-Qaida in Anbar province, a one-time stronghold of insurgents. He blamed parliament for blocking legislation and holding up the appointment of new ministers by often failing to muster a quorum.

September 24, 2007

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Kashmir women into politics, great!!!

Having suffered hugely from years of relentless violence, women in Jammu and Kashmir are fast taking to politics to fight for their rights. Women, they say, are not represented adequately and not much is being done for them in a state where families, particularly girls and women, have borne the brunt of suffering since insurgency began in 1989. By joining politics they want a space in the decision-making process.

As more women are coming to head political parties, and several others are making it to key positions in political groups, educated women are quitting their jobs and joining politics. One such example is that of Shehnaz Ganai. She left government employment and ventured into a political career. Ganai joined the National Conference.

Bush talk about 2008 elections

President Bush, breaking his rule not to talk about U.S. presidential politics, says he believes Hillary Rodham Clinton will defeat Barack Obama in Democratic presidential primary voting. Bush also predicts that Clinton will be defeated in the November 2008 general election by the Republican nominee. It has been difficult for Bush to remain silent about the 2008 president race, despite his promises not to be the "prognosticator in chief." He has been talking about the race and handicapping candidates during off-the-record chats with visitors to the White House. He finally went public with his Clinton prediction in an interview for a book by journalist Bill Sammon.

September 23, 2007

Recruiting activities

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Terrorism in Nigeria

A powerful Nigerian armed group threatened in an e-mail to the media to resume attacks on oil facilities and kidnapping of foreigners, ending a four-month ceasefire. The threat to disrupt oil supplies from Africa's top producer follows the arrest of a factional leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Henry Okah, in Angola on arms trafficking charges on September 3. MEND bombed oil facilities and abducted foreign workers in the southern delta from late 2005 to May this year, when President Umaru Yar'Adua took office promising to solve the crisis. Since last year dozens of troops, militants and civilians have been killed, thousands of foreign workers have left and oil output from the world's eighth largest exporter has been cut by a fifth, raising world prices.

September 21, 2007

Japan. A democratic dinasty

In Japan, long held up as the paragon of a mature Asian democracy, yet which continues to serve up political leaders distinguishable only by subtleties of grey in their ideological coloration. Yasuo Fukuda, the leading candidate to replace Shinzo Abe as Japan's next PM, and Fukuda's rival, Taro Aso, appear to be trying to differentiate themselves as the Sept. 23 Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) election approaches. Also is pegged as a tough-talking hawk, Fukuda a diplomatic dove. But both are products of a political system dominated not by people with the right ideas, but by people with the right names. Second- or third-generation politicians tend to learn the techniques of the family business, without having any strong passions about what they want to do for the country.

Perpetuating the family business doesn't get at the real challenges facing Japan. But rather than combat the country's complex problems — stagnating wages, a widening income gap, a shifting global balance of power — many politicians seem intent on replaying ancient political battles. And it's not just a Bush here or a Kennedy there: roughly one-third of Japan's sitting parliamentarians come from political nobility. Hereditary leadership doesn't just plague the LDP, which has ruled Japan virtually uninterrupted for half a century, but opposition parties as well. Ichiro Ozawa, the head of the Democratic Party of Japan, is the son of a former Cabinet minister.

September 19, 2007

Online cash advance

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To United Kingdom!

The UK has witnessed an influx of immigrants since the EU expanded to welcome 10 new states in 2004. A total of 683,000 eastern Europeans, mostly Poles, have applied to work in Britain, one of the few EU countries that did not initially impose restrictions on citizens of the accession countries. When Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU this year, however, the UK government decided to impose restrictions on their citizens seeking to work in the UK. In the first half of 2007, just 17,360 Bulgarians and Romanians arrived in the UK, far below many expectations of up to 300,000 in the first year. The overall rate of immigration has slowed considerably in the past year. In the second quarter of 2007, applications fell to 50,000 - 6,000 lower than the same period in 2006.

Fox attack Bush

President Bush and Vicente Fox once portrayed themselves as diplomatic allies and close friends, but the former Mexican president takes some jabs at Bush in a new autobiography, calling him "the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life" and a "windshield cowboy" afraid to ride a powerful horse. Fox sprinkles anecdotes about Bush and other world leaders throughout "Revolution of Hope," recounting disagreements with Bush over the Iraq invasion and a shared hope for immigration reform that was undercut by security concerns after Sept. 11, 2001. The former Mexican leader also chides Bush's administration for unilateralism. While sometimes needling Bush, Fox also doles out heaps of praise, applauding his onetime U.S. counterpart for "cultural sensitivity." Fox writes that several days before the attacks of Sept. 11, he and Bush pumped hands and hugged at Andrews Air Force Base after returning on Air Force One from an Ohio immigration reform rally.

Online university

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Because online courses in a sense, level the playing field for all geographic locations, former constraints of location boundaries are eliminated. A person living in one area no longer needs to travel to take the course that he/she wants to take, because the Internet is not bound by geography.

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South Korea military reform

South Korea would seek to allow conscientious objectors to engage in social service instead of mandatory military terms. Conservatives reacted with concern, arguing the moves would undermine the country's conscription system, which is aimed at deterring aggression from communist North Korea. Under the current law, all physically fit South Korean men aged 18 to 30 must serve at least two years in the military.

More than 3,760 men, mostly Jehovah's Witnesses, have refused to perform military service in the past five years. Nearly 95 percent spent more than 17 months in prison. The Korea Veterans Association said the plan would lower the morale of ordinary conscripts, thus posing a threat to the national security.

Senate Democrats will try for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq

Senate Democrats will try to pass a measure setting deadlines for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq after failing to reach a compromise with Republicans. Senate Democrats need 60 votes to avoid a Republican filibuster and get any plan to a vote. It would take 67 votes to override a presidential veto. Democratic leaders had hoped to negotiate new language -- something short of a deadline for troop withdrawal -- that would attract enough Republican support to get to 60 votes. But those talks have not succeeded. Democratic leaders find themselves in the same bind they've been in since taking the majority nine months ago -- how to craft a compromise with Republicans on Iraq without losing staunchly anti-war members of their own caucus.

September 18, 2007

Orlando area hotel

Orlando can doubtlessly be called the world’s greatest theme parks city (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens). All of them made this town famous all around the world. They attract both children and those young at heart.

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The Protect America Act

Law expanding the U.S. government's eavesdropping power is needed to protect not just against terrorists but also against more traditional potential adversaries, such as those two Cold War foes.

The new law will also enable the intelligence agencies to identify "sleeper cells" of terrorists in the United States. Congress last month hastily adopted the Protect America Act just before it went on summer vacation. Some lawmakers are now having second thoughts as the complicated law — intended to make it easier for the government to intercept foreign calls and e-mails — has come under attack by civil liberties and privacy advocates who contend it gives the government broader powers than intended. The Protect America Act allows the government to listen in, without a court order, on all communications conducted by a person reasonably believed to be outside the United States, even if an American is on one end of the conversation.

One language vanishes every two weeks

Linguists alarmed at the unceasing extinction of many indigenous languages identified five global "hot spots" where the problem is worst, led by northern Australia and a region of South America. The linguists are part of the Enduring Voices project that seeks to document and revitalize languages slipping toward oblivion, often spoken by indigenous peoples like Australia's aborigines whose cultures were trampled by settlers.

There are 6,992 recognized distinct languages worldwide. On average one language vanishes every two weeks, often as its last elderly speakers perish. The project, backed by National Geographic magazine, named the region of northern Australia that includes Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia as the place where local languages are most threatened. Aboriginal Australia harbors some of the most endangered languages, with 153 different ones spoken in this region.

Restaurant Supplies

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China environmental counterattack

China warned it will impose equally harsh penalties on domestic and foreign companies after finding two overseas firms violating environmental rules in a random inspection. The inspection found earlier this year that Unilever China and the China branch of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. were discharging wastewater with higher chemical content than permitted. Unilever's plant in Hefei in the eastern province of Anhui was fined 100,000 yuan (13,300 dollars) and ordered to cut production to reduce discharge. It has also paid nearly 50,000 yuan for excessive discharge.

This warning was likely to be driven by rising domestic concerns that foreign polluting industries were finding their way to China, thanks to lower costs and the country's pressing need to create jobs.

European Islamophobia

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said that bigotry and prejudice, especially in regard to Muslims, were common in Europe and called on governments to tackle the issue. The remarks from the former Canadian Supreme Court judge, which came in the wake of similar charges issued last week by a U.N. rights investigator, were quickly challenged by a leading global non-religious grouping. The report by investigator Doudou Diene of Senegal documented what he called an alarming rise in intolerance, and in particular Islamophobia in European countries. Islamophobia and equating Islam with terrorism created a climate favoring racial and religious hate.

Travel leads

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Travel leads and Mailing Lists from Martin Worldwide are designed to be simple to set up but also remain secure. The available security options allow you to restrict the number of deliveries per day. Mailing lists can also manage delivery email addresses, allowing users to automatically add or remove themselves.

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India water controversy

The controversy over the sharing of water of river Yamuna with other states has brought the infighting within the ruling Congress to the fore with the government accusing its own former chief minister of 'misleading the state and making a mockery of the interests of Haryana'. Raking up the issue with media persons, Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the then chief minister had misled the state and his own cabinet while signing the Yamuna water agreement in 1994.

The clear reference was to former Congress chief minister Bhajan Lal though Hooda did not name him. Haryana's Irrigation Minister Ajay Singh Yadav was more open in his criticism of Bhajan Lal. Yadav openly accused Bhajan Lal not only of misleading the state but also not keeping his cabinet colleagues informed of the agreement before signing it.

Polemic luncheon

In its most direct attack on Hillary Rodham Clinton, the campaign of Democratic presidential contender John Edwards denounced a fundraising luncheon that included sessions for Clinton donors with members of Congress who have expertise in homeland security. Edwards and Barack Obama have declined money from individuals who lobby the federal government and have tried to portray Clinton, who does accept lobbyists' money, as beholden to special interests. Obama and Edwards do accept money from corporate executives whose industries have interests in government policies.

The Clinton fundraiser was held in the Washington offices of Jones Day, a global law firm with more than 2,200 lawyers in 30 offices worldwide. Among those scheduled to attend were House members who are backing Clinton and sit on the House Homeland Security Committee. Some of the luncheon chairs and members of the host committee have been lobbyists for a wide range of business interests. The luncheon would be followed by issues breakout sessions. Donors attending the luncheon had to pay $1,000 or $2,300.

Weight loss surgery

Eating is an American obsession that is quickly spreading to other countries.

Diet and exercise are still the best ways to lose weight, but when all else fails, an overweight person can turn to weight loss surgery

Some opt to have gastric bypass surgery, in one form or another. Others are turning to Houston lapband (Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding), a famous surgical practice from Journey Lite facilities. That is not as invasive as the gastric bypass procedures. And, it's covered by most major insurance companies.

This is an option if you have unsuccessfully tried diet and exercise. Surgery is generally the last option but it can works for you.

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Bush No new spending policy

The White House in recent days told nearly a dozen Cabinet secretaries to send letters to Capitol Hill rejecting Democrats' proposed new funds for their agencies, escalating a confrontation between lawmakers and President Bush over domestic spending priorities. The Democratic Congress is considering 2008 spending bills that increase funding for politically popular programs including health care for veterans, education, medical research and infrastructure improvements. But Bush, who is under pressure from fiscal conservatives, has promised to veto nearly all the new spending. The dispute centers on $22 billion in spending Democrats added to the president's nearly $1 trillion request. Only four of the dozen bills have passed the Senate so far, ensuring that the spending package will not reach the president's desk by the Oct. 1 start of the fiscal year.

George H.W. Bush backs John McCain

Former President George H.W. Bush backs John McCain's efforts to increase support for the Iraq war in a new video, a telecast that aides to both men say shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of McCain's White House bid. The former president appeared in the video shown at South Carolina's military college, The Citadel, during the final stop of the Arizona senator's "No Surrender" tour. Bush also praised McCain and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who will work in the Senate on turning back Democratic efforts to limit U.S. troops' time in Iraq. McCain traveled to the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on "No Surrender" tour in which he stressed his strong support for the war and President Bush's increase of some 30,000 troops earlier this year.

September 17, 2007

Your own vending business

Putting change in a gumball machines is almost a national past time for most people so it would stand to reason that a lot more people are looking to buy their own gumball machines either for fun or profit. Gumball machines from multivend are easy to maintain and depend on a virtually imperishable staple. You only need to fill up the machine, check it periodically to gauge inventory and go about your day. Gumball machines make for pretty easy additional income when placed in the right location or they can be used simply for fun in your own home. This may be a business for you.

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Muqtada al-Sadr's decision to withdraw from the Shiite bloc

Muqtada al-Sadr's decision to withdraw from the Shiite bloc is the most dramatic sign of the transformation in Iraqi politics. Old alliances are fraying, new ones are forming. That makes any progress on U.S.-sought political deals even less likely until the power shuffling plays itself out. On the bright side, the reshuffling could eventually have a positive effect, setting up firmer coalitions more willing to compromise. But the delay is likely to add to frustration over the war within the United States, which had hoped that the "government of national unity" would encourage Sunni and Shiite extremists to stop fighting and join the political process.

Clinton health care proposal

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton, whose first attempt at a health care overhaul fell flat 13 years ago, unveiled a broad proposal to require health insurance for all Americans and make it more affordable. The proposal would mandate coverage for 47 million uninsured Americans but maintain a role for private insurance companies in what she said would be a simplified system with more choices for consumers. Clinton is the last of the top Democratic candidates to roll out all of her proposals for an overhaul of the health care system and coverage for uninsured Americans, one of the prime issues in the November 2008 White House race. Her plan includes individual mandates for coverage of all Americans, similar to the plan by rival John Edwards but not included in Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's proposal. It also provides tax credits for Americans who cannot afford insurance and small businesses straining to provide it, offers more choices for coverage, ends discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and expands Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

NOD32 anti-virus

Yes, you know, an anti-virus program look at the contents of each file, searching for specific patterns that match a profile - called a virus signature - of something known to be harmful.

The firewall can check whether a given packet should pass, allowing the computer’s user to respond to unanticipated network traffic. The firewall can filter packets based not only on their point of origin or destination, but also on their content.

However, you can buy a program like the NOD32 with all these functions integrated, or you can try to obtain some security software like anti-virus, firewall, and file encryption programs, each one in separate complicated packages.

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Military solution for Iraq

Two realities define the range of a meaningful debate on Iraq policy: The war cannot be ended by military means alone. But neither is it possible to "end" the war by ceding the battlefield, for the radical jihadist challenge knows no frontiers. An abrupt withdrawal from Iraq will not end the war; it will only redirect it. Within Iraq, the sectarian conflict could assume genocidal proportions; terrorist base areas could re-emerge. Under the impact of American abdication, Lebanon may slip into domination by Iran's ally, Hezbollah; a Syria-Israel war or an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities may become more likely as Israel attempts to break the radical encirclement; Turkey and Iran will probably squeeze Kurdish autonomy; and the Taliban in Afghanistan will gain new impetus. That is what is meant by "precipitate" withdrawal - a withdrawal in which the United States loses the ability to shape events, either within Iraq, on the anti-jihadist battlefield or in the world at large.

Israeli army and the French TV

The Israeli army has asked a French television network to turn over unedited footage of the shooting death of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip, reopening one of the most contentious incidents of the second Palestinian uprising. An Israeli army confirmed the military is seeking the material from the France 2 network in connection with a legal dispute in France between the network and a media watchdog who accuses it of staging the incident. Viewers around the world were shocked by footage captured by the France 2 network on Sept. 30, 2000, showing the death of Mohammed al-Dura. The images showed the terrified boy and his father, Jamal, cowering in front of a wall amid a furious exchange of fire between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Kenmore Dishwashers

Product research online often starts with the search engines, but search engines typically are unable to find and deliver results pinpointing specific local stores with specific products consumers are looking for.

However, there is a company called Krillion which own a search engine that scours the Web to find, integrate and present actionable local search results for the ready-to-buy consumer. So, if you are looking for Kenmore Dishwashers to compare prices within 10 miles of your town, the query returns a landing page for each query result dynamically generated, optimized for SEO, and placed into the indexes of the major search engines. By product, by location landing pages provide consumers with actionable information regarding where to buy the product in question and the price ranges across various retailers.

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Security incident in Iraq

The State Department moved quickly to tamp down anger and possible repercussions after the alleged killing of eight Iraqi civilians by a private security firm hired to protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice telephoned Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to express regret at the loss of life and promise that the results of an internal investigation into Sunday's incident would be shared with the government in Baghdad.

The 15-minute call came after Iraq's Interior Ministry said it had revoked the license of the firm, Blackwater USA, to work in the country, a move that could severely curtail the ability of U.S. diplomats to operate outside the heavily fortified "Green Zone."

Democrats are not expected to take up President Bush's war spending request until November

Democrats are not expected to take up President Bush's war spending request until November, giving them time to calculate their next move and see if Republican support for his policies deteriorates. The delay in passing the bill, which Bush says is needed by Oct. 1, is likely to intensify the standoff between the Democratic-controlled Congress and Bush, who says at least 130,000 troops are needed in Iraq through next summer.

Democrats are in a tough spot. Still lacking enough votes in the Senate to pass legislation ordering troops home by spring, they would have to soften their approach if they want to attract more Republicans. But doing so would rile much of the party's rank-and-file, elected on anti-war platforms and eager to cut off money for combat.

Things to make a home more sellable

Putting a little money into the home before putting it on the market can make a difference. Refinishing hardwood floors, cleaning carpets, installing UPVC windows or painting the interior or exterior of the home may make all the difference in appearances. Pouring a little money back into a home may work to a home seller's benefit in the end, increasing a home's value and ensuring more of a return.

There are many different things a person may do in order to make their home more sellable. A clean, organized and updated residence will make it more likely that a home will be sold.

For people who are selling their home, making it attractive to other prospective buyers is incredibly important. While this may mean general repair and maintenance of the house or property, there are specific Home improvements that can make their home more sellable. Also, it is important to maintain the outside of the house and yard. Washing the windows, mowing the lawn, pruning growth, weeding or discarding old lawn furniture may make the difference to prospective buyers.

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No to Iran nuclear program

The main reason I am so against Iran having developing a nuclear arsenal is that should they do so, they would not hesitate in using it to intimidate their neighbors in the middle east, particularly Israel, not to mention using them further field once they adapt the weapons accordingly. God save us all should this ever happen.

Sanctions haven't worked, threats haven't worked, and dialogue hasn't worked. It's hard to see how else this situation is going to play out other than war at some point in the next few years - maybe after we've bailed out of Iraq. A fundamentalist theocratic government with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles is a very alarming prospect.

China say no to cars this Saturday

China will initiate its first-ever nationwide "no car day" this weekend in an effort to promote environmental health and alleviate increasingly gridlocked urban roads. Residents in 108 cities will be urged to take public transport, ride bikes or walk on the nation's first "no car day" on Saturday. Ministry of Construction is the sponsor of the activity. Government officials and state-run enterprise employees in some cities would be encouraged not to drive, while other urban centers would ban government-owned cars from taking to the roads altogether.

A week-long campaign to publicize the government's goal of getting 50 percent of the nation's urban residents to use public transport instead of private cars would also be initiated. China's auto industry has been a key component of the nation's booming economy with vehicle production rising by 32.7 percent in July compared to the same period last year.

London places

London plays host to some of the very best clubs in the UK. With so much variety on offer there are literally hundreds of places to go out every night where you’re guaranteed to have a good time in London. Nowadays weeknight in the city can often be even better than weekends as London bars attract more students and travelers, keen to enjoy the music and dance, and less keen to get too drunk and start fights.

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September 6, 2007

OPEC high oil prices policy

If a cartel like OPEC can demand higher prices for oil, why wouldn’t they? Oil wealth is not going to last forever and all oil major oil exporters are on a massive investment spree. From massive infrastruture projects in their own countries to buying large stakes in large global companies, they are sinking billions of dollars. High oil prices are absolutely necessary for them to continue build this investment portfolio for the future. Call it their own 401 K plan, sponsored by oil wealth which is their present employer or income provider. OPEC has also realized that all the analyst talk of high oil prices pulling down global growth has not really materialized. Now, they seem to be reasonably confident that $70 oil will not affect global growth and long term energy demand.

Terrorist attacks in Europe

Just days before the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States, European security forces in Germany and Denmark uncovered two terrorist cells that were planning massive attacks even more deadly than the bombings in Madrid and London. For many Europeans, the threat of a major terrorist attack still does not seem an imminent danger. But the round of arrests this week shows that terrorist cells with links to Al Qaeda are stepping up activity in Europe, and that increasingly, the plotters are European-born. After months of observation, German police swooped down on a vacation home in the wooded region of Sauerland in western Germany, engaging in a brief scuffle with one of the suspects before arresting three men who had amassed 1,500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide that could have been used to make car bombs. Two of the men are German converts to Islam, which officials called another sign of the growing threat of "homegrown" terrorism in Europe. The third suspect is Turkish.

Tutors from Score

Private tuition can be extremely beneficial to students. It can boost their confidence, fill in knowledge gaps and give practice in answering examination questions. Private Innovative Tutor from Score can make an enormous difference to an individual’s chances of success, but only if you start early. Leaving things until the last exams will just be wasting your money. It takes time to build trust between a tutor and student and to establish full two way communication.

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Burma under pressure

The military has ruled Burma since 1962. The Generals held elections in 1990 but ignored the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy. The European parliament voted on Thursday to condemn the regime's oppression of the Burmese people and called on the UN Security Council to impose binding sanctions.
Currently the army is suppressing protests at the doubling of fuel prices. It is the harshest crackdown since 1988.

Stronger sanctions AND consumer boycotts of those countries who use their vetoes (China and Russia) or countries where avarice is held in higher regard than ethics (India). Ultimately it is the PEOPLE of the world and Burma who will force the change. National governments and the UN can only do the symbolic and legislative part of the job. It is ultimately up to you and me.

A federal judge struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act

A federal judge struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act, saying investigators must have a court's approval before they can order Internet providers to turn over records without telling customers. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero said the government orders must be subject to meaningful judicial review and that the recently rewritten Patriot Act "offends the fundamental constitutional principles of checks and balances and separation of powers." The American Civil Liberties Union had challenged the law, complaining that it allowed the FBI to demand records without the kind of court order required for other government searches.

In 2004, ruling on the initial version of the Patriot Act, the judge said the letters violate the Constitution because they amounted to unreasonable search and seizure. He found that the nondisclosure requirement — under which an Internet service provider, for instance, would not be allowed to tell customers that it was turning over their records to the government — violated free speech.


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September 4, 2007

Nuclear energy is the solution

Why waste time trying to "clean up" coal and gas, when nuclear energy is already cleaner in terms of CO2 and easier to deal with in terms of overall waste? Radioactive byproducts do not pose a threat to the global environment, and they are vastly more compact, as they aren't in gaseous form. It should be cheaper to build storage facilities for nuclear waste, and it gives us much greater benefits in terms of CO2 reduction than coal scrubbers. Overall, the potential health hazard from radiatioactive waste is miniscule compared to the threat from global warming. And yet, the greens still oppose nuclear. Why? Because pretending to care is right. They don't actually want to solve the problem. They just want to be able to berate everyone else and feel self-righteous.

Hold the current strategy for Iraq

President Bush's senior advisers on Iraq have recommended he stand by his current war strategy, and he is unlikely to order more than a symbolic cut in troops before the end of the year. The recommendations from the military commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker come despite independent government findings that Baghdad has not met most of the political, military and economic markers set by Congress. Bush appears set on maintaining the central elements of the policy he announced in January, one senior administration official said after discussions with participants in Bush's briefings during his surprise visit to an air base in Iraq.

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September 3, 2007

On Malaysia

Malaysia has always been known to be a multiracial and diverse in every different aspect. However it is unfortunate to see the government constantly downplaying racial discrimination and gender bias. Most Malaysians are under the illusion the country is doing well and Malaysians have equal rights. The NEP has all but created a wide gap between Malays and other ethic minorities. Some are constantly forced to silence their opinions as freedom of speech is limited while many others are afraid of change. Malaysia has achieved a lot in such a short period of time economically speaking. What it now need is the total integration of all Malaysians regardless of their race and religion.

Japan's farm minister resigned over illegal dealings

Japan's farm minister resigned over illegal dealings at a farmers' group he headed, delivering a fresh blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe just a week after he revamped his cabinet to try to revive his popularity. A junior minister also quit and the head of a parliamentary ethics panel said he would resign from his post and leave the ruling party, both for fudging financial reports. The latest scandals were expected to erode Abe's support, which saw a rebound after he unveiled his new cabinet, but political analysts said the 52-year-old conservative was likely to stay on in the absence of a rival who wants the job now. Abe's first cabinet was plagued by scandals and gaffes that forced out several ministers and contributed to a disastrous defeat for the ruling camp in a July 29 upper house election.

Tooth Grinding

If stress is causing you to grind your teeth, ask your doctor or dentist about options to reduce your stress. Your dentist can fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth during sleep. You can find more information searching for Night Guard, TMJ, Bruxism, Tooth Grinding, NightGuard

Because grinding often occurs during sleep, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth. However, many times people learn that they grind their teeth by their loved one who hears the grinding at night.

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The Australian Prime Minister has posted a video on YouTube

The Australian Prime Minister has posted a video on YouTube appealing for people to avoid violent protests at the Apec summit. John Howard has made the appeal ahead of Australia's biggest ever gathering of world leaders for the Apec trade summit in Sydney. When leaders meet anywhere in the world lots of people who don't feel heard want to make there view. As a result people go to protests to try and convey what they think should be done. I think that Mr Howard should have asked people to protest peacefully instead of avoiding violent protests, simply because protests tend to turn violent without warning and so it could be seen as saying don't protest which wouldn't be right

President Bush raised the possibility of U.S. troop cuts in Iraq if security continues to improve

President Bush raised the possibility of U.S. troop cuts in Iraq if security continues to improve, traveling here secretly to assess the war before a showdown with Congress. The president was joined by his war cabinet and military commanders at an unprecedented meeting in Iraq over eight hours at this dusty military base in the heart of Anbar province, 120 miles west of Baghdad. Bush did not say how large a troop withdrawal might be possible or whether it might occur before next spring when the first of the additional 30,000 troops he ordered to Iraq this year are to start coming home anyway. He emphasized that any cut would depend upon progress. is a credit card search engine with hundreds of credit card offers. This search engine provides visitors a means to compare credit cards in order to get the best deal. has a rate table with the average rates for popular card categories, such as low interest and rewards on business credit card , showing annual fees and more. Site visitors gain access to the card search engine, which is updated daily, by clicking on the categories table.

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No mortgage crisis

George Bush has announced a package of measures to try to combat the economic problems caused by the US sub-prime mortgage crisis. There was no mortgage crisis, just crisis among overly reactive investors. The number of those that were defaulting on their loans was insignificant compared to the total number of buyers who benefited from the last housing boom. I have not seen any crisis in and around my neighborhood. But if the government wants to bail out people, that's fine, but it will encourage many to pretend they are in default and that they did not understand the terms of the loan they signed a few years ago.

Bush in Iraq

President Bush and his national security team made a first-hand assessment of the war in Iraq and prospects for political reconciliation before a showdown with Congress over the U.S. troop buildup. The president secretly flew 12 hours to this dusty air base in a remote part of Anbar province, bypassing Baghdad in a symbolic expression of impatience with political paralysis in the nation's capital. The gesture underscored the U.S. belief that the spark for progress may come at the local level. The president secretly flew 12 hours to this dusty air base in a remote part of Anbar province, bypassing Baghdad in a symbolic expression of impatience with political paralysis in the nation's capital.

September 2, 2007

Online MBA programmes at Robert Kennedy College

Having an MBA demonstrates your commitment to the business because you've invested the substantial time and energy required to obtain the degree. It shows that you value the business perspective and recognize that the technology you implement, support and develop is intended to enable business activities and is not an end in itself. An MBA from The University of Wales Online also indicates that you've mastered a certain level of knowledge in business management, which gives you the ability and confidence to speak on equal terms with executives outside of IT. Because IT touches nearly every part of the modern business enterprise and because IT managers are increasingly involved in business processes, the MBA adds credibility to your perspective when you're discussing technical solutions to business problems with your colleagues.

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