March 23, 2008

Gold Bullion

You must know the important fact that the largest mining companies in the world are not investing in finding more mines when the demand has already outnumber the supply. Instead they are putting more funds in M&A activity. So, gold and silver are good investments in the long run. You can invest in these minerals through well famous and regulated companies like Monex Deposit Company (MDC). They can offer good advice for novice and professionals, and you can buy gold bullion or ingots for your convenience.
Gold is definitely a good option to diversify your investments. Remember, real estate and stocks have bad times frequently.

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US moves in the Persian Gulf

A US nuclear submarine has crossed the Suez Canal to join the US fleet already deployed in the Persian Gulf. The gigantic nuclear submarine along with a destroyer crossed the canal on Friday. Egyptian forces were put on high alert when the navy convoy was passing through the canal. Earlier on Thursday, a US Navy rescue ship crossed the canal to enter the Red Sea.

An American destroyer has recently left the Persian Gulf, heading towards the Mediterranean Sea. The deployment comes as recent reports allege that US Vice President Dick Cheney is seeking the support of Middle East nations for launching an attack on Iran. According to latest reports, a major part of the US Navy has been deployed in and around the Persian Gulf during recent months. The fleet includes not only a vast array of weapons, including nuclear weapons, cruise missiles and hundreds of aircraft but also rapid reaction forces.

Okinawa protest

Thousands demonstrated against the US military on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa on Sunday, following a string of incidents involving US personnel, including alleged rapes. Despite pouring rain and harsh wind, demonstrators took to the streets, raising their fists and shouting slogans in protest over the heavy US military presence on the island.

The rally was organised by local residents infuriated by the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by a US Marine last month. It was one of the largest demonstrations against the US military here since 1995, after three US servicemen gang-raped a 12-year-old, setting off a process to reduce the number of US troops stationed on Okinawa. Organisers, who had said they expected more than 10,000 people to turn up, estimated the crowd at 6,000.

March 17, 2008

Flowers for Easter

There are alternatives for Easter gifts. How about flowers? Not something that one usually associates with Easter, but maybe for that reason, flowers would be an ideal gift for that special person who has everything else.

Believe it or not, there are fresh rose petals that can symbolize the very things that we've decided are special qualities. Fortunately, there are some flower delivery services like FiftyFlowers for our comfort and we don’t need to expend days visiting malls. Maybe it doesn't really matter that it's difficult, as long as we have an opportunity to express how important our special persons are to us.

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Al-Qaeda bet on explosive vest

The explosive vest has become the weapon of choice for Al-Qaeda in Iraq, with most jihadists nowadays wearing the lethal garment and the number of suicide attacks rising.

Military operations by Iraqi and US forces had put the jihadists to flight, leaving them less capable of carrying out car and roadside bombings. The US military in Iraq had tracked an increase in requests by Al-Qaeda leaders for foreign fighters to become human bombs.

A suicide bomber wearing a vest can become a useful tool for them to take part in the violence, so Al-Qaeda will try to increase the numbers of foreign fighters coming into the country for that purpose. However, measures by countries such as Saudi Arabia and Syria to stop foreign fighters slipping across the border into Iraq has reduced the number of available recruits. Whereas a year ago around 100 foreign fighters a month were sneaking into Iraq, this number had been reduced to 40 to 50 a month.

Students to Agents

The program is funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the umbrella agency which oversees the 16 intelligence agencies in the United States, some of which -- such as the Treasury or Department of the Environment -- would not be linked automatically to intelligence activities. Since 2005, the center has swelled, with eight more universities across the United States signing on to the program that wants to revamp the way young Americans perceive intelligence -- it isn't just spying -- and are trained to work in the very diverse field.

Schools which are selected to be part of the program -- and there is not an Ivy League university, the formerly all-male schools which used to be the preferred hunting ground for intelligence recruiters, on the radar screen -- receive a grant from the ODNI, and set up their own, unique curriculum. The ODNI grant is used to send students abroad to study a language and learn about another culture. When the students return to the United States and complete their studies, they are under no obligation to work for one of the agencies under the umbrella of the ODNI.

March 15, 2008

Trasylol Kidney Failure

Recently studies have linked Trasylol to an increased risk of kidney damage, heart attacks, and strokes. If you or a loved one have experienced complications after cardiopulmonary bypass or coronary artery bypass graft surgery, you should contact your medical providers to determine if Trasylol was used during the procedure. If Trasylol was used and you or a loved experienced complications like the Trasylol Kidney Failure you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about your legal rights or to inquire about a Trasylol class action lawsuit or individual lawsuit contact Mark & Associates, P.C. firm today and apply for compensations. You can find more information visiting

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China illegally invaded and occupied Tibet

Authorities in Tibet have given anti-Chinese demonstrators until Monday to surrender, following violence in the territory. China's state media has said ten innocent civilians were burned to death. Pro-Tibetan groups say many more Tibetan demonstrators were killed. Many Tibetans claim their culture has been diluted or even destroyed by Beijing and resent the local presence of Han Chinese, China's biggest ethnic group. China says Tibet has always been part of its territory.

China is nothing more than a single party dictatorship that has limited free speech and opposition parties, illegally invaded and occupied Tibet, and is not responding to the Darfur genocide to the standards of the international community. I’m sorry but the choice for a Olympics in a nation like this is hypocritical because there will be A LOT of money made and it seems like economics are always the bottom line, not the well being of the people.

The Middle East region will be one the world’s leading hotspots for technology

The Middle East and African region will be one the world’s leading “hotspots” for technology investment in 2008, alongside China and India. This year, total investment could reach USD 40.5 billion – growing by more than 13 percent over 2007 – with GCC investment amounting to USD 9.1 billion. Nearly 40 percent of this investment will be in support of new initiatives, in sharp contrast to markets like Europe and the US, where most investment is going towards replacing and updating existing technology infrastructure.

This high investment forecast has created international interest in the potential of the Middle East market. However, if the investments are to result in genuine productivity benefits for companies – and concurrent social and economic benefits – then strong technology leadership is required across enterprises and organisations.

March 14, 2008

Options express

Options can be used in a variety of ways to profit from a rise or fall in the underlying market. The most basic strategies employ put and call options as a low capital means of garnering a profit on market movement. Options can also be used as insurance policies in a wide variety of trading scenarios. You probably have insurance on your car or house because it is the responsible and safe thing to do. Options provide the same kind of safety net for trades and investments, options express increase your leverage by enabling you to control the shares of a specific stock without tying up a large amount of capital in your trading account.

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United States shipped about 300 million gallons of biodiesel to Europe in 2007

Struggling biodiesel producers have found a way to stay in business despite soaring production costs. They're putting their biodiesel on ships and sending it to Europe. It's economical to export biodiesel because U.S. taxpayers subsidize the fuel additive and it also benefits from tax incentives in Europe and the relative weakness of the dollar against the euro. The weak dollar makes U.S. products cheaper compared with European goods.

The United States shipped about 300 million gallons of biodiesel to Europe in 2007, a 10-fold increase from the year before, according to the European Commission. U.S. biodiesel production last year was estimated at 450 million gallons. European biodiesel producers are threatening to file an anti-dumping case against the imported biodiesel, arguing that it is unfairly subsidized because of the $1-a-gallon U.S. tax credit. The case could result in new duties being imposed on the U.S. Product. The imported biodiesel represents 15 percent to 20 percent of the European biodiesel market.

South Africa and Bulgaria to expand relations

South Africa has undertaken to further strengthen bilateral relations with Bulgaria, a country viewed as the gateway to Eastern Europe. However, more potential had yet to be unlocked as many areas had been identified in which the two countries can extend their cooperation. South Africa and Bulgaria agreed to cooperate in areas including energy, transport, infrastructure development, health and most importantly agriculture.

The two countries discussed the African agenda and challenges facing the continent, said Mr Pahad, adding that Bulgaria expressed interest in getting involved in the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). Bulgaria has expertise in many areas that can be beneficial in terms of the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative of South Africa (AsgiSA) and the Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition (JIPSA). Bulgaria can help South Africa deal with the skills shortages currently being experienced.

NOD32 security software

Yes, you know, an anti-virus program look at the contents of each file, searching for specific patterns that match a profile - called a virus signature - of something known to be harmful.

The firewall can check whether a given packet should pass, allowing the computer’s user to respond to unanticipated network traffic. The firewall can filter packets based not only on their point of origin or destination, but also on their content.

However, you can buy a program like the NOD32 with all these functions integrated, or you can try to obtain some security software like anti-virus, firewall, and file encryption programs, each one in separate complicated packages.

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China is opening up

China is struggling with rising inflation and food prices, increasing calls for democratic change, environmental degradation, pressure to alter its one child policy and international criticism over its military spending.

I think the Chinese government's planned end game is going to be rather different to what is going to happen. China is opening up, and I don't think the government is going to manage to keep a lid on it. The Chinese are not stupid people; they know what is happening outside of their country. Inch by inch, the people are gaining a little more freedom, and over time the government will capitulate and become democratic. Once this occurs, some regions will break free.

Violence in Afghanistan border

Islamist militants killed a tribesman after accusing him of working as a US spy in a lawless stronghold of Al-Qaeda and Taliban insurgents bordering Afghanistan. Rebels shot and then slit the throat of the 30-year-old man in the latest in a series of executions in Pakistan's troubled tribal areas targeting people allegedly working for US and NATO forces across the border.

His body was dumped on a road in Sham, a town between the North and South Waziristan tribal regions. Pakistan has been combating hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants who fled over the border from Afghanistan after the US-led invasion in late 2001 that followed the September 11 attacks on the United States.

March 13, 2008

Russian women

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Cyber Storm II

Real and growing threats to US computer and telecommunications networks were behind the holding of the largest-ever cyber-security exercises this week. Computer security experts from five countries, more than 40 private sector companies, and numerous government and state agencies are spending a week fielding simulated "real-world," on-line attacks on the computer systems of government bodies, corporations, transportation and other key industries.

Robert Jamison, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Under Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, said the Cyber Storm II exercise sought to foster personal links between key officials in business and government.

Cyber Storm II tested the warning systems in place for attacks and sought to identify gaps in the way information was shared and reactions coordinated across various sectors. Several dozen experts crowded into a computer-filled room inside the US Secret Service Headquarters in Washington in sections marked off as chemicals, transportation, telecommunications, state and local governments, and other sectors, for the five-day exercise. Thousands more were tied into the exercise elsewhere in the US, in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and in major companies like Dow Chemical, Wachovia bank, ABB and Cisco.

They fielded some 1,800 "injects," various types of challenges, from hacker break-ins and extortion demands to DNS amplification attacks -- dangerous intensified versions of denial of service attacks that seek to overwhelm and shut down networks. The exercise involved at least one massive, politically-motivated, coordinated cyber-attack knocking out enough computer and telecommunications networks to require an internationally coordinated response.

US company admitted to violating laws on export of weapons

A US company and the Indian head of an international firm have admitted to violating laws on export of weapons technology and nuclear power testing equipment to India. Decade-long US sanctions over illegal Indian nuclear tests prohibit US-based companies from exporting certain goods and services to India.

Parthasarathy Sudarshan, the Indian CEO of Cirrus Electronics with offices in the United States, Singapore and India, pleaded guilty in Washington to a charge of shipping restricted weapons technology to the Indian government. He admitted exporting controlled microprocessors and electronic components to Indian state entities involved in developing ballistic missiles, space launch vehicles and fighter jets.

Among the recipients were the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), an enterprise within the Indian Department of Space; and Bharat Dynamics, Ltd. (BDL), an Indian Defense Ministry enterprise. Both are on the US Department of Commerce's so-called Entity List. Exports of US-origin commodities to these entities are restricted and require prior authorization in the form of a license from the department.

March 12, 2008

Midwest auto recycling

Buying parts can get expensive. However, there are times when a used auto part can be just as good as a new one, especially when your auto parts store tells you it will be a week while they wait for the special order to come in.

A unique place to buy used parts is at midwest auto recycling You can buy engines and transmissions there for much less than pretty much anyplace else. As a recommendation when buying auto parts, be sure you know exactly what you want to buy before you shop. If possible, have the old part with you for comparison.

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Hugo Chavez is one of the US biggest enemies

The United States said new data about possible links between Venezuela and Colombia's FARC guerrilla group is disturbing but Washington is far from a decision to put Caracas on a terrorism blacklist. Colombia on March 1 conducted a raid in Ecuador that killed top FARC leader Raul Reyes, sparking a crisis that was defused on Friday with a Colombian apology and promise not to take similar action if its neighbors cooperated in fighting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

The Colombian government seized several computers as a result of the raid, saying they yielded data that proved leftist-led Ecuador and Venezuela was aiding the FARC, which the United States classifies as a terrorist group. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Tom Shannon said the United States was carefully studying the information on the computers as well as another one belonging to FARC leader Ivan Rios, who was killed by his own bodyguard last week.

Hugo Chavez is becoming the Osama bin Laden of the Americas. He is supporting illicit drugs trade and terrorism in the region for the creation of a block that fight US policies. We must understand that Hugo Chavez is one of the US biggest enemies.

Cuban regime is one of the cruelest in the planet

A Miami-based group that supports dissidents in Cuba says politically motivated arrests are on the upswing in the communist nation. The Cuban Democratic Directorate said that more than 350 political arrests occurred last year in Cuba. The group says since January, another 250 people have been detained.

The group receives its information directly from human rights activists on the island, including an umbrella group formed last May. The directorate receives U.S. funding. The organization said it is also concerned about more than a dozen prisoners who died in Cuban jails last year due to guard beatings, lack of medical attention or suicide.

The Cuban regime is one of the cruelest in the planet, all the world must pressure for democratic changes in the island.

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Bill Gates support easy immigration for US

US high-tech firms are forced to outsource jobs overseas because of immigration restrictions, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said as Congress debated a visa program for skilled workers. Gates, echoing a longstanding complaint from the technology sector, told a congressional panel that the US immigration system "makes attracting and retaining high-skilled immigrants exceptionally challenging for US firms." As a result, many US firms, including Microsoft, have been forced to locate staff in countries that welcome skilled foreign workers to do work that could otherwise have been done in the United States, if it were not for our counterproductive immigration policies. The Microsoft founder noted that all the 65,000 visas for the current fiscal year were snapped up in one day last April and that employers are now waiting to apply for visas for fiscal 2009, starting in October.

Launched in 1990, the H-1B visa program allows foreign scientists, engineers and technologists to be employed for up to six years, at the end of which they must obtain a permanent residency or return home. A large number come from Asia, especially India. Although the tech industry has long pressed to ease visa limits, some labor advocates and other analysts argue the program depresses wages for the sector and that the worker shortage may be exaggerated. Gates argued that the US economy benefits from these skilled immigrants. He cited a study that found that one quarter of all start-up US engineering and technology firms created between 1995 and 2005 had at least one foreign-born founder.

US nuclear envoy appealed for full disclosure from North Korea

Chief US nuclear envoy Christopher Hill appealed for full disclosure from North Korea as he headed to Geneva for his first talks with his counterpart from the Stalinist nation in a month. North Korea must give a "complete and correct" declaration of its atomic activities, Hill told this ahead of his talks with opposite number Kim Kye-Gwan. North Korea last year signed a landmark deal to abandon all its nuclear weapons in exchange for badly needed energy and economic aid and major security and diplomatic benefits.

But the process -- involving the United States, China, both Koreas, Russia and Japan -- has been stalled since North Korea missed an end-2007 deadline to declare all its nuclear programs and disable its plutonium plant. North Korea has since blamed Washington for the deadlock, citing a US failure to remove Pyongyang from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. Hill and Kim met in Beijing last month in an effort to break the deadlock, but no progress was reported at the meeting.