July 13, 2007

Internet telephone systems

While internet telephony is not free, it offers very attractive cost savings when compared with traditional telephone systems.

Internet telephone systems (VoIP - Voice-over-Internet Protocol) or hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems, have four main components: handsets or other end-user devices, a call server or IP-PBX, gateways, and a data network. The handsets can either be existing traditional handsets that are connected to a regular PBX or they can be devices designed specifically for VoIP usage.

Similarly, the call server or IP-PBX can be software on an existing server or a dedicated IP-PBX. VoIP gateways are used to connect the PBX to the data network. VoIP gateways convert analog voice signals to data packets that can be transmitted over the data network and then reassemble those packets at the other end, turning them back into analog voice signals.

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