August 29, 2007

Turkey, a new Iran?

My concern is that Islamic religious oppression will increase in the country, raising the level of terroist activities, and subjecting non Islamic people to strict Islamic law, which will basically force them into exile from the country. I see no way for Turkey to be accepted into the EU, as a result.

Turkey is slowly but surely turning into a new Iran. For the few past years, one could see more and more Turkish women wearing the islamist headscarf but also the hijab. This year, I could see women in full hijab where ever I have been in Turkey. The "nouveaux riches" are all from the islamist side, thanks to the AKP! Will Turkey become Turkistan?

$50 billion in additional funding for the war in Iraq

U.S. President George W. Bush is preparing to ask Congress for as much as $50 billion in additional funding for the war in Iraq. The request signals increasing White House confidence that it can fend off mounting congressional pressure to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. The additional funds would come on top of about $460 billion in the fiscal 2008 defense budget and $147 billion in a pending supplemental bill to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The request is expected to be announced next month after the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker report to Congress on the state of the war.

August 28, 2007

Flights to New York

Before you go looking for a good price, it helps to know what a good price is. Five minutes of research will give you the lay of the airfare land. The more flexible you are, the cheaper you will travel. There are often flights that need couriers only a few days before departure; the costs of these flights are lowered as the date nears. You may need to change your date of travel by a couple of days to get these fares.

If you already have a destination and tentative schedule in mind, start off by first trying to get a sense of the lay of the land by checking out big travel websites like DialAFlight. Take good notes. This will help you understand what you should expect to spend. But you may not have to spend that much by taking the next step.

In example, if you are looking for flights to New York research will get you good deals, it is important to understand that lower prices mean more restrictions, poor offering, and chances for aggravation. The most important point to remember is that once you find the travel deal that fits your initial budget, just go ahead and finalize it. Of course, you will miss some great bargains in the future in some cases, but prices also go up.

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August 26, 2007

China’s poor quality commerce

China is waging an "Economic War" for domination of the world economy, but fighting as if it was a "Conventional War", meaning that dirty tricks and acceptible casualties factor into their 'game'. How many of us are really so blinded by greed for a "good deal" that we cannot see that those with whom we may choose to deal in fact have no scruples and may even want to get ahead at our expense?

A democracy we should only be buying from other democratic countries anyway.

It seems that in China, these commodities are being produced very cheaply, but under poor governmental supervision. Clearly, this is not just China's problem. It's aweful that many countries are importing these dangerous and cheaply made commodities in order to pay less for them. This is what happens when we out-source and import everything. We will find that other countries production standards are below.

Flood Insurance Program Stall in Congress

Despite promising changes, Congress has shown little enthusiasm for taking the unpopular steps that experts say are necessary to fix the nation's main flood insurance program. Recent flooding in the Midwest has brought the issue back to the forefront. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, back-to-back storms in 2005, dispelled any notion that the insurance program was self-sustaining. They threw it roughly $20 billion into debt and called attention to major structural flaws.

Nearly everyone acknowledges it cannot pay off the debt, much less pay for losses in future storms. But so far, Congress has done little more than raise the program's borrowing limit, essentially handing taxpayers a series of shaky IOUs. A failure to act could leave the public vulnerable to large bailouts of the program and help perpetuate a false confidence among some property owners that they do not need coverage.

Stock options trading

Options can be used in a variety of ways to profit from a rise or fall in the underlying market. The most basic strategies employ put and call options as a low capital means of garnering a profit on market movement. Options can also be used as insurance policies in a wide variety of trading scenarios. You probably have insurance on your car or house because it is the responsible and safe thing to do. Options provide the same kind of safety net for trades and investments, stock options trading also increase your leverage by enabling you to control the shares of a specific stock without tying up a large amount of capital in your trading account.

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August 24, 2007

Bangladesh crisis

Whatever is happening now in Bangladesh is a bare exhibition of power of army. they arrested five professors from two public universities. The important point is they arrested those academics who supported student's riot on behalf of the whole teacher's community. This interim Government is trying to establish a fair democracy in Bangladesh. But at the same time they put their iron hands on democratic activities. Again army lifted curfew temporarily as well as they stopped mobile network.

It's probably time to ask whether Bangladesh should have ever been created. It has gone nowhere since independence, its leaders have more ego and less common sense. The only option it has is to piggyback onto the economy of India and begin a period of economic growth. Otherwise, it's existance is a bane for south asia.

Rommey´s universal health care program

Romney says other states can replicate Massachusetts' program of universal health care if the federal government creates an environment in which private health insurance can expand. The Republican presidential contender is to declare he wants the government to help states lower premiums by deregulating their insurance industries. Romney says Washington also should make tax changes so all people can use pretax dollars to buy coverage, as workers do who get coverage through their employers. For him, the Medicaid program for people with low incomes should be overhauled. The goal should be to provide states with block grants so they can create insurance programs, freed from federal mandates that are tailored to their individual needs.

Commercial litigation

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Commercial litigation matters can range from relatively simple, uncomplicated matters, to highly complex matters that could take several years to resolve. Litigation handled improperly can lead to additional unnecessary expense for you and your business. There is not only the expense entailed in losing your case, but there is the added cost of needless delays, caused by work done poorly. Commercial litigation is something that should only be handled by very skilled litigation attorneys.

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Bangladesh has no stomach or guts to deal with issues in a democratic process

The constant natural and man-made tragedies that have plagued Bangladesh since it's inception are tragic. The last thing needed in that volatile area is another failed state. The world should help as best it can. However, Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population that has led to extreme poverty. The land cannot handle a continually increasing population. Effective birth control should be a key policy for the country which will hopefully result in a promising future for all. To me all it says is that Bangladesh has no stomach or guts to deal with issues in a democratic process.

Georgia fired a foreing plane

Georgian forces fired at a plane they believed was Russian after it violated the Caucasus republic's airspace. The incident marks an intensification of a row between the two countries in which Georgia has accused Russian planes of violating its border and of dropping a missile near Tbilisi. Russia called the Georgian statement a provocation. It has not reported any plane missing, and when asked specifically about the Georgian statement an official denied Russian aircraft had violated Georgian airspace.

The row over aircraft has highlighted a crisis in relations between Russia and Georgia, which has been deepening since U.S.-educated President Mikhail Saakashvili began moving his republic of five million people out of Moscow's orbit. Russia last year severed air, sea and postal links with its southern neighbor over a spying row. Before that, Moscow had banned imports of Georgian wine and mineral water, both major sources of revenue, citing health concerns. The missile incident has had repercussions beyond the region, turning into an irritant in ties between Russia and the United States.

Relationship between people from different cultures

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Solutions to Bangladesh

1. People need food.. Once you can afford the basic of basic necessities, next comes the idea of reform.
2. People need safety, not harassment from authorities.
3. People need reasonable shelter - not the streets
4. People need a means of sustainable income.
5... many more!
Unless authorities can provide the first four, what's the point of talking about reforms and solutions? Your core is rotten, and everything around it will crumble.
Fix these, and the rest will follow automatically.

Military government must remember early history of military ruling. It is the students who made them fall in 1990. Military chief is highlighting himself recently. Army is for defense not to rule. They not learned of governing country but fight. They really don’t know about public relations.

Noriega to France

A judge refused to block the extradition of former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to France, where he is accused of laundering millions of dollars in drug proceeds through French banks. Senior U.S. District Judge William Hoeveler rejected arguments by Noriega's lawyers that his status as a U.S. prisoner of war negated the French request under the Geneva Conventions and required his return home to Panama. The decision, which could be appealed, means a hearing before another judge will go forward Tuesday on the extradition request. Noriega, 72, is to be released from a U.S. prison Sept. 9 after serving 15 years for drug trafficking and racketeering. He faces up to 10 more years in prison in France.

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August 23, 2007

The Russia's problem

Russia's problem is internal. It disrespects its people. Well before ww2 they were killing each other like there's no tomorrow. It's groucho marx army guffed so badly in Finland - the WaffenSS couldn't resist. As usual their hostile climate saved their bacon. Then after loosing 20M after the war - they opened up the gulags. Today the Russians are killing themselves on drink, on poverty. The mafia is taking over the privatized scraps. Moscow the most expensive city in the world - is a laughing stock. The youth are turning to a "Nazi" styled nationalism. Child-abuse goes unchecked. It's a mafia where all the members are dieing of aids. on their last legs

Strength comes from within. A system that rewards people by performance, by effort, that creates the best. With 0 tolerance for abuses. a respect for your neighbors whether they agree with you or not. Internationally how many nations have they helped? How many favors are they owed. Russian benevolence? Instead the crooks in Monaco are flashing their cash. The oligarchs are investing in arty thrash & dumb broads. It's time these guys broke some sweat? But grassroots strength has always been Russia's weakness. They always seem to have to learn the hard way.

Bank borrowing at records

Banks have stepped up their borrowing from the Federal Reserve, encouraged by central bank policymakers to help stem a credit crunch that has roiled Wall Street. The daily average borrowing for the week ending Wednesday was $1.2 billion. That was the highest since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. On Wednesday alone, the borrowing reached $2 billion, the most in a single day since April 12, 2006.

Besides lowering the rate on these loans, the Fed is now allowing loans of up to 30 days versus the normal one day. The Fed also is letting banks put up a range of collateral to back the loans. So far the Fed's has tailored a narrow response to the market turbulence, seeking to help financial institutions weather the stress and restore confidence on Wall Street.

Gold is definitely set to head up higher

There is an increasingly wide range of methods available to investors wanting to buy gold, or gain exposure to gold price movements. From gold coins to complex structured financial products, the most appropriate way will depend on the requirements and outlook of the individual investor.

My reasoning for my interest in gold coins is a little unique. I've tried to avoid the cliché stories about gold and gold coins. They're the "easy" stories to tell you. I'm avoiding them because, quite frankly, the easy stories gold bugs sell you are not the reason I'm buying.

I buy gold coins because, first of all, I believe that gold is cheap.

Gold is financial catastrophe insurance. And we haven't had a financial catastrophe in the U.S. in 25 years. I'm not predicting financial catastrophe, here. I'm simply buying catastrophe insurance, when it's at its cheapest.

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Tighter border controls are pretty much a chimera

Tighter border controls are pretty much a chimera; it's simply not possible in a free society to keep desperate people out of the country. The only thing we can do is allow them to work (they always want to work, not claim welfare - there are no harder working people than immigrants), rather than delivering them into the hands of the traffickers and those that would exploit them.

Immigrants don't want us to look after them; they want to work for themselves. There are almost no costs for us to bear (in fact, problems only begin to appear when we attempt to extend welfare to immigrants - it creates tensions between new and old residents of the country as they "compete" for welfare). All we have to do is change the laws to allow them to work.

Real estate flood of layoffs

The flood of layoffs – some 21,000 since the beginning of the month in the real estate, construction, and mortgage-lending industries – is one way the Federal Reserve can see real impact on the economy from the turmoil in the markets. It's not just guys in hard hats looking for work; it's also white-collar workers. Many of these jobs in finance and real estate are relatively high paying, which has helped car dealerships and high-end retailers. To be sure, all sorts of jobs are affected, because when a house changes hands, a small army of brokers, appraisers, pest-control inspectors, title searchers, and lawyers send out invoices.

Interracial singles

Those of us without a significant other know what it is like to want to meet other interracial singles, but not be sure where to look. There are many options out there, each one has its own positives and negatives. From online dating to speed dating.

There are a number of ways to meet interracial singles and while we may all have our own favorites, it is almost universal to want to meet someone. Online dating has been a great way for those with busy schedules or a lack of affinity for the club scene to take a little bit extra time building up to a first date and that has really filled in a lot of the voids for some singles.

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America has the death penalty because the majority of its people want it

America has the death penalty because the majority of its people want it. That’s called democracy, and leftists don't like democracy when people disagree with them.

By contrast, Europeans are crying out for the death penalty, but cannot have it thanks to the EU "elite" who ban it regardless of the democratic desire for it. Der Spiegel newspaper found that in 4 out of 5 European countries, a majority supported the execution of Saddam Hussein. And if you support the death penalty for any crime, it’s fair to call you pro-death penalty.

America is a democracy, land of the free and home of the brave. It is the sword and shield of freedom. It has proper punishments for criminals supported by a democratic majority of its people. I offer it my total support.

The United States plans to screen thousands of people employed by aid organizations

The United States plans to screen thousands of people employed by aid organizations that receive funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development looking for possible links to terror organizations. Outlined in a recent Federal Register notice, the program demands for the first time that nongovernmental organizations file detailed information on key personnel who apply for or manage funds distributed by the U.S. aid agency.

The Federal Register notice said the program could involve 2,000 people and will become effective on August 27, the last day that public comments about it are to be submitted. Organizations would be required to submit a broad range of information on key personnel, including name, address, date and place of birth, citizenship, Social Security and passport numbers.

Credit card deals

Two years ago it was easy. You wanted a credit card that was interest-free and you got one. Millions of consumers became fully fledged "rate tarts" as they rode the wave of 0% deals that swept the country as interest rates sank to historically low levels.

But now rates are climbing again and good credit card deal look like a thing of the past. However there are some companies with great deals yet. The trick is to explore new offers to take advantage of this competitive market.

Banks are continuously searching for new customers and you can find great opportunities if you are informed.

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August 22, 2007

Corruption and foreing aid

Payments to the governments of poor countries would be depleted by corrupt practices. The corruption is, while not the sole reason, a reason why these countries have remained poor for decades after colonial involvements ended. Richer countries should, out of self interest, advise and enable poor countries to develop infrastructure in a way that avoids some of the mistakes made by the rich countries when they were developing. Don't just hand over money, though.

The best example for this situation is the Africans countries, where millions of dollars is sent every year, but you can see that all this money end in a Swiss bank account, under the name of an African leader.

Violence sent thousands abroad

10,000 Congolese refugees have crossed the border into Uganda in the last two days, fleeing violence in their villages. They fled after a demonstration by villagers protesting the failure of U.N. peacekeepers to improve security in their remote southeastern Congolese territory.

Large-scale influxes of Congolese refugees into Uganda are not unusual. The mineral-rich eastern part of Congo, bordering Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, remains the most unstable area of the country. Fighting among rival militias, including groups from neighboring countries, regularly breaks out and often results in civilian casualties. Uganda occupied part of the region during a 1998-2002 war in Congo that drew in military forces from six neighboring countries.

Search yellow pages

Internet Yellow Pages are powerful online resources that place the names, locations and phone numbers of product and service providers in front of Internet users throughout the country. Millions of ready-to-buy customers research products and services online to find local providers of what they're seeking. Internet distance search yellow pages advertising is the perfect compliment to a robust advertising program, and it’s free with radiux.

If there are no exact matches for customers’ search words, radiux displays the businesses that match the closest along with the message telling to the customers how their search words were changed to find matching businesses. These changes could include fixing minor spelling errors or finding results for words that match our search words closely but not exactly.

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Fundamentalist Greens

Fundamentalist Greens will simply never accept the FACT that the sun's increased heat cycle causes the sea's solubility pump to release more dissolved carbon dioxide as sea water warms - carbon dioxide does NOT raise the temperature of the earth. Try reading the web article "THE ACQUITTAL OF CARBON DIOXIDE" by Jeffrey A. Glassman, PhD.

There were palm trees and tropical fruits growing in Norway before man started walking upright, aeons before cars were invented. We should care our environment, but we can’t use the green argument as a politic weapon against capitalism. Many greens supporters are leftist activist; his only purpose is the politic power.

We are losing value immigrants

The huge backlog in US immigration visas is leading to a "reverse brain-drain" that will force skilled workers to return to their home country. The study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation found that more than one million potential immigrants, including scientists, engineers, doctors and researchers, are competing for 120,000 permanent US resident visas each year. Some applicants must wait several years, in part because the number of employment visas issued to immigrants from any single country is fewer than 10,000 per year.

The researchers concluded that the number of skilled workers waiting for visas is significantly larger than the number that can be admitted to the United States.

A majority of immigrant company founders, including many in the tech sector, came to the United States as students. Many ended up staying in the United States after graduation, with a number founding new companies. 31 percent of the startups in tech centers had an immigrant key founder, including 52.4 percent in California's Silicon Valley.

Orlando Villas

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August 19, 2007

Social security problems in Europe

Europe is facing a pension’s crisis. I'm afraid to tell you there are millions of retirees about to live much longer than they or their governments thought they would in poverty! State pensions throughout Europe (apart from the Nordics, Netherlands, UK and Eastern Europe) are based on today's tax paying pensions. These countries are going to have to tax their working populations to pay pensions.

Social Security pension benefits in the USA are not enough to survive. That's exactly why one should not become dependent on any government, yet the policies of the left continue to encourage such dependence. People have known that there were problems with projected Social Security benefits for over 30 years. If they decided not to save outside of that system they were foolish. We can learn a lesson from Europe.

Hillary Clinton last moves

Senator Hillary Clinton warned Democrats not to ``oversell'' plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, setting a cautious tone on the war that was echoed by the party's two other leading presidential candidates. Clinton said that pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq can't be accomplished in just a few months and that any withdrawal must be balanced by security concerns. Also defended comments she made in a Bloomberg News interview in 2006 that she would rule out using nuclear weapons against Iran. She criticized Obama for a recent comment that he wouldn't use nuclear weapons against terrorists.

Her critics are making an ``artificial distinction,'' because while Edwards and Obama don't take money directly from lobbyists they accept donations from law firms that hire lobbyists.

August 16, 2007



9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

Gearóid Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

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Space travel

We should be spending part our available resources on space travel: we are going to need it in the near future. Success in adequately reducing global warming, and in good time, depends on considerable cooperation between nations.

Space travel is an indispensable part of the telecommunications industries; for examples. Without space travel, the sovereignties of the world's independent nation-states would be compromised, and/or violated, while peoples strive to build and maintain extremely sophisticated telecommunications systems simultaneously. I doubt that the World Wide Web would have been impossibility without the proliferations of space travel. Space exploration is part of the past, present and future.

Padilla case

Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant, was convicted of helping Islamic extremists and plotting overseas attacks in a case that came to symbolize the Bush administration's zeal to clamp down on terrorism. But it was hardly a complete victory for the government. When Padilla was arrested in the months following the 2001 terrorist attacks, authorities touted him as a key al-Qaida operative who planned to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb in a U.S. city. That allegation never made it to court. Instead, after a three-month trial and only a day and a half of deliberations, the 36-year-old Padilla and his foreign-born co-defendants were convicted of conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim people and two counts of providing material support to terrorists. The three were accused of being part of a North American support cell that provided supplies, money and recruits to groups of Islamic extremists. The defense contended they were trying to help persecuted Muslims in war zones with relief and humanitarian aid.

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August 10, 2007

Global stock markets have suffered heavy losses in recent days

Global stock markets have suffered heavy losses in recent days, affecting businesses and individual investors alike. Billions have been wiped off shares owned by individuals and institutions such as pension funds. Central banks across the world have injected large amounts into the markets to try and stabilize the situation.
Are we surprised? We live in a debt ridden society in which people borrow much more than they can afford to pay back and the lenders just loan them even more at ridiculous interest rates. If you lend to people who can't afford to repay or have previously not repaid, at stupid interest rates that clearly no-one can realistically afford, how is anyone surprised they don't pay?

why not wait at least 3 month?

North Korea delivered a demand to the U.S. military on that it call off war maneuvers with South Korea scheduled at the same time as the second-ever summit between the rival Koreas later this month. During a meeting held at the North's request at the truce village of Panmunjom, North Korean officers read a statement to U.S. soldiers saying the exercises would have a catastrophic impact on ongoing six-nation negotiations on North Korea's nuclear disarmament. This year's exercise is scheduled for Aug. 20-31, meaning it would overlap with a meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas on Aug. 28-30 in Pyongyang, the second summit since the peninsula was divided after World War II.

I think we should wait at least 3 month after the diplomatic meeting for this war game.

August 9, 2007


If you've ever watched the Winter X Games, you've probably seen snowmobile riders get massive air after launching themselves off a jump in the cross event. However, People have been thinking of ways to ride a motorized machine across the snow since the beginning of the 20th century.

Learning to ride a Snowmobile doesn't take long, but you should make sure you're trained by an adult who has experience riding. If you don't know anyone else who snowmobiles, go to the web and visit, where you'll be able to find information on trails, tours, lessons and snowmobile clubs in your area.

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Emergency in Pakistan

Reports from Pakistan say that the country's president, Pervez Musharraf, is considering imposing emergency rule. The situation in Pakistan is worrying in as much as this country has nuclear weapons. A take over by fanatics would pose a threat greater then that of Iran! Pakistan is a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists at the moment, with the whole country in their hands we would be in even greater danger. It should be made clear, that the West will never allow this to happen. "Doing a Iraq" on Pakistan should be an option not dismissed lightly. A suicide bomber is one thing, but a suicide nation!

The army new strategy to enlist

Under the army new proposal, men and women who enlist could pick from a list of incentives, including up to $45,000 tax-free that they accrue during their career to help buy a home or build a business. Other options would include money for college and to pay off student loans. It's all part of an Army effort to fill its ranks even as the percentage of young people who say they plan to join the military has hit a historic low (16 percent by the Pentagon's own surveying) in the fifth year of the Iraq war.

In June, the Army failed to meet its recruitment target for the second month in a row, although it apparently met its goal to recruit 9,750 troops in July and is on target for 80,000 for the year that ends Sept. 30. As part of a push to make its 2007 goals, the Army is boosting the size of its 8,000-member recruiting force with 1,000 to 2,000 assistants, including some former recruiters.

Innovative marketing

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August 8, 2007

North and South

Leaders from both sides of the Korean divide are to hold a summit at the end of August, only the second ever between the two nations.

North Korea needs to do everything in its power to improve the nation's economical crisis. Poverty is hitting North Korea at a fast pace, and making peace with foreign countries, especially with neighboring South Korea, is the first step for bringing effective changes.

History has shown time and again that artificial and / or armed borders do not work in the very long term. However, they are good for a time just as it's good to keep fighting individuals apart to stop them damaging each other too much. Eventually men of peace (on both sides) come to their senses and realize the blame game doesn't work either and that 'free' men and women (people power) will prevail.

China´s consumer activism

In recent months, a series of product recalls, from pet food to tires, has sullied the image of Chinese exports abroad. At home, China also faces a drumbeat of complaints from consumers aghast at the harmful food and drugs approved by a graft-ridden regulatory system. Last year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce received 4.6 million complaints over substandard products and services. While consumer activism is on the increase in China, the legal system isn't bound by precedent and is squarely under the control of the Communist Party. That makes it hard to force change from the bottom up, though not impossible. Vaccination programs in China have been dogged for years by fake or contaminated vaccines.

Over 300 children were hospitalized last year in Anhui province after receiving hepatitis A shots of dubious origins. One of the children later died. Last week, police arrested a gang in northeastern China that was selling counterfeit rabies vaccines and blood proteins, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

The Wizetrade Blog

There are millions of blogs on the Internet with hundreds being added daily. If you are an investor or trader there are hundreds of web sites providing information and advice. It is easy to become overloaded with information. This can lead to frustration and trading losses. Other than using specific trading related sites or common web portals, blogs can offer the trader a more personal perspective on the markets.

The Wizetrade Blog offer archives of useful resources and constructive histories of past trades, strategies, methods, and recommendations. This information is practical and usable for trading in the markets. This trading blog is written by expert traders, this becomes an invaluable source of trading ideas and examples of real life trades that have been executed in real time.

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India. 60 years of partition.

The legacy was India, Pakistan, and then Bangladesh. It is tragic that so many lives have been lost in communal violence of 1947, and in the wars between India and Pakistan. It would have been a good idea had India not been partitioned, India is now an emerging global power, but would have been stronger had it been one nation including Pakistan and Bangladesh. Of the three nations, Pakistan’s future seems the most shaky. India is doing well, although it has a lot to improve on. After partition things that made India what it is today are land reform, secular democracy, rule of law, and lot of investment in modern education system, amongst other things stand out. These are the things absent from Pakistan.

Something before August recess

Since Democrats took control of Congress seven months ago, they provoked several showdowns over the Iraq war and fired off hundreds of probes of the Bush administration. But until recently they passed few laws. As Congress's approval ratings hover near record lows, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were under the gun to produce something before their August recess, and they did, passing bills ranging from lobbying and ethics to healthcare and homeland security. Democrats had promised action on the Iraq war when they were swept into power after 12 years of GOP control. But they have yet to tie war funding to conditions on ending the war or redeploying US forces. That fight will have to wait until September. Before Congress adjourned early Sunday morning, House Democrats passed a $459.6 billion defense spending bill for fiscal year 2008, two energy bills, $250 million to repair the collapsed bridge in Minneapolis, and a measure to expand health coverage for poor children, which President Bush has threatened to veto.

The Adventures Of Bart

I was reading about something interesting and new and I went to look up more about it on the Internet...and instead of looking for an article, I wanted to see a video about it.

Videoblogging is a hard work, you can bet that. It does take time and effort, indeed. But when you can take a standard videocam, a $49 piece of editing software and start playing around, you gradually learn what works and what doesn't.

Videoblogging doesn’t work for every topic? No, it's hard to deliver nuance and deep thinking.

Really, is hard to Videoblog every day, hard to find the time, unless you are like the editor of The Adventures Of Bart. The standard figure is an hour of prep/editing for each minute of video; sometimes it takes less time but it's a good rule of thumb.

I think the Videoblog it not the future of media but it will be part of it. Until all the tools get baked, It's fun to mess around and see what happens.

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August 6, 2007

The Lebanon politics

An opposition candidate has narrowly won a by-election for a Maronite Christian seat in Lebanon's parliament. Elections for the Lebanese presidency are due next month.

The existence of democracy in Lebanon is an ongoing danger for Syria since it effectively muffles Hezbollah, transforming it from a band of freedom fighters into a meaningless minority party. Even worse. A functional democracy could give Syrian citizens heady ideas on how a state could be run. As long as its attention is not diverted by the West, the regime in Syria will continue to destabilize Lebanon as a matter of self preservation.

Hezbollah will not be shaken off the political - and cultural map - of Lebanon. Their success in the elections last year was enough to encourage them that force wasn't needed against the Lebanese people. Its conjecture that they started instead hostilities against Israel. But they are not a democracy loving party, more prepared to get their Islamist based way by any means. You have to feel that the long term does not bode well for Lebanon or its non-Muslim section.

Troubles for the Iraq’s government

Iraq's political crisis worsened as five more ministers announced a boycott of Cabinet meetings — leaving the embattled prime minister's unity government with no members affiliated with Sunni political factions. The new cracks in Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government appeared even as U.S. military officials sounded cautious notes of progress on security, citing strides against insurgents linked to al-Qaida in Iraq but also new threats from Iranian-backed Shiite militias. Despite the new U.S. accusations of Iranian meddling, the U.S. and Iranian ambassadors met for their third round of talks in just over two months.

The Cabinet boycott of five ministers loyal to former Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi left the government, at least temporarily, without participants who were members of the Sunni political apparatus — a deep blow to the prime minister's attempt to craft reconciliation among the country's majority Shiites and minority Sunnis and Kurds.


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August 4, 2007

Blogs and politics

Seven of the Democratic candidates for US president are expected to attend a political blogging convention in the city of Chicago. More than 1,500 bloggers and 250 journalists are registered to attend the YearlyKos gathering, now in its second year. US political bloggers have uncovered the main stream medias shoddy reporting on many subjects (Like the phony Bush national guard memos and the BBC's reprehensibly biased reporting from Lebanon) so yes, they can have a positive role. Once the public gets a look at the crazy vitriol coming out of the bloggers that the democrats are currently pandering to and are thoroughly repulsed, that will have been another positive effect on the political landscape, albeit an unintentional one.