July 13, 2007

For the supporters of Iran’s nuclear program

Technically speaking, open hostilities commenced in 1979 when the Iranian "students" stormed the US Embassy and took American diplomats hostage. You had your casus bellum right there. By the way, Ah-mad-nutjob was one of those "students".

Furthermore, the notion that Iran is benign and unthreatening is bogus. They remain fully committed to undo the existing balance of power in the region, and it's against this backdrop that Teheran's thrust for nukes must be understood.

No sanctions in the world will put an end to their nuclear ambitions. They know it and we know it. Letting the mullahs go nuclear is a doomsday scenario. Those medievalists stone people to death for adultery. And you want them to have nuclear ordnance? It's sheer madness.

Robust and concrete steps must be taken soon while we still have the upper hand in this game.

The US should do it for everyone's sake, including non-combatants in Iran. After all, United States commands more than enough in military hardware to put Iran's nuclear facilities out of commission through conventional means. On the other hand, Israel would have to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to do the job right. Therefore, a joint military strike makes operational sense all around.

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