February 24, 2009

Dr. Walid Phares: Iran a Threat to Entire Region

Dr. Walid Phares, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, tells Newsmax TV that Iran is not only a threat to Israel, but also to all of America's moderate allies in the region. He notes Iran's development of an intercontinental missile. Also, hear his views on Obama's deployment of 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, on Pakistan's surrendering the strategic Swat valley to the Taliban, on Obama's planned closing of Gitmo and whether a right-wing Israeli government would ever make peace with the Palestinians.

February 12, 2009

33 Minutes: A New Film on Missile Threats to the U-S.

The Heritage Foundation has premiered a new documentary entitled "33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age." Experts say ballistic missiles from rogue nations could reach U-S territory in 33 minutes. Watch a trailer from the new Heritage Foundation documentary. 33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age

January 27, 2009

Iran Developing Nuke with North Korea's Help

The top Republican on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence reacts to report that Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon this year. He tells Newsmax TV why taking out Iran's nuclear program would be very difficult if not impossible. Also, he chastises Obama's plan to close Guantanamo Bay, noting he doesn't have a plan to deal with the detainees. He explains why the Army Field Manual Obama wants is useless in interrogating terror suspects.

January 7, 2009

Obama comments on violence in Gaza

President-elect Barack Obama says he is deeply concerned about the latest surge of violence in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis and he's committed to working towards peace after he takes office.

December 1, 2008

Jeb Bush Interview: 'We Can't Be Democrat-Lite'

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells Newsmax TV the direction he thinks the Republican Party should head in following its second consecutive election cycle defeat. He says it shouldn't be perceived as "the old white guy party." He shares his thoughts on attracting minority voters, the immigration issue, grassroots campaigning, and he makes compelling points about education reform.

Hillary To Become Top Diplomat

Sen. Hillary Clinton is set to become the next Secretary Of State under the Barack Obama administration. Bill Plante reports.

November 3, 2008

Obama's grandmother dies of cancer

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's grandmother died of cancer, he said in a statement on Monday, a little more than a week after Obama interrupted the White House race to say goodbye to her in Hawaii.

October 28, 2008

Obama's Newly Discovered Marxist Comments

First he said he wanted to "spread the wealth around," now, in a newly released seven year old radio interview, Obama says he regrets the U.S. Supreme Court never got involved in wealth redistribution. Obama campaign refuses to protect against fraudulent contributions. Coochy, bad dog, no biscuit!

Sarah Palin Mishandled

U.S. News & World Report senior writer, commentator and analyst Michael Barone tells Newsmax TV that the McCain campaign mishandled Sarah Palin by keeping her "out of sight" for the first month of her campaign. He also notes Palin should have insisted on live interviews with the TV networks, not taped ones in which Palin's best answers are edited and "left on the cutting room floor," as ABC and CBS did. Barone also shares his views on the accuracy of pollsters.

Campaign Buttons: An Election Poll

Campaign button sales as a predictor of election results? Jim Warlick, Political Worthologist has been conducting this unscientific poll since 1988 and his results have accurately predicted the president every year except for 2000. WorthPoint's Dan Borsey caught up with Warlick at the Atlantique City Show in Atlantic City, New Jersey to find out who the next president will be according to the USA Button Poll. For more information go to www.usabuttonpoll.com WorthPoint - Get the Most from your Antiques and Collectibles.

Kenyans cash in on Obama mania

T-shirts featuring Barack Obama's face are selling quickly in the Kenyan capital. The T-shirts come in a variety of colors and are sold for 10 U.S dollars. The U.S Democrat presidential candidate has also had babies, beer and a road named after him. Obama is the son of an American mother and Kenyan...

October 26, 2008

Democrats looking to turn Virginia blue

Obama on Saturday took shots at McCain's attempt to keep some distance between himself and Bush, a Republican presiding at a time when most people think the country is badly off track. The White House announced this week that Bush has already cast his vote for McCain.

"That's no surprise, because when it comes to the policies that matter for middle class families, there's not an inch of daylight between George Bush and John McCain," Obama said.

While Obama keeps up that theme, McCain is hammering a message that Obama is a tax-and-spend threat to the nation. Politically, the tanking economy has swung momentum in Obama's favor, but McCain is trying to win some back by casting aspersions about Obama's fiscal discipline.

Bush, meanwhile, has been quietly on the sidelines for virtually the entire election. But his name is mentioned often.

Other battleground states — Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida — are on Obama's itinerary as the final full week of the campaigning begins. McCain begins Sunday in Iowa and Ohio.

McCain's Joe The Plumber Tour

GOP presidential candidate John McCain has started his "Joe The Plumber Tour" in an effort to connect with middle class swing voters. Chip Reid reports from the McCain campaign trail.