July 22, 2007

BP factory in Whiting

A big BP oil refinery will be build in Indiana and, as ever, environmentalist begin their tales about conspiracy theories to say that BP is planning to pour significantly more ammonia and industrial sludge into Lake Michigan.

They say the move by the British Petroleum oil refinery of Whiting, Ind., runs counter to years of efforts to clean up the U.S. Great Lakes, quoting The Chicago Tribune report on Saturday.

However, they forgot to say facts like these:

- A new water discharge permit allows the refinery’s average ammonia discharge to increase, but at levels that will still be less than half of those that federal environmental guidelines could allow.

- Today the refinery has about 1,700 employees and another 1,500 contract workers. The planned modernization will create new jobs for about 2,000 contract workers during peak construction, as well as an estimated 80 full-time BP employees when complete.

- What is released from the refinery is treated water that is more than 99.9% water — not sludge. All sludge is treated separately, according to state and federal requirements, and never discharged into Lake Michigan. Click here to read more real facts.

BP has repeated constantly its duty as environmentally friendly. Also, the refinery still will meet federal water pollution guidelines; they will not work as they want. Conspiracy theories will not develop Indiana.

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