October 22, 2006

USA GOP control

We expect Republican Party to retain control of USA Senate but Democrats Party will achieve the majority of USA House of Representatives in 2006 elections.

October 19, 2006

Israel Prime Minister cloudy future

With a dogged military conflict with the Palestinians and a failed operation against Hezbollah, I expect fractures to appear more strongly within the ruling four-party coalition, led by Mr Olmert’s Kadima party, leaving its survival until the next election (due in 2010) highly unlikely. There is a small possibility that it may even fall apart as early as next year. Mr Olmert’s previous main objective of establishing the country’s borders largely unilaterally has also been set back, given the sense of many Israelis that the 2005 unilateral pull-out from Gaza has failed to deliver real improvements in security.

October 18, 2006

Castro will not return this year

I think Fidel is still alive but his health is very deteriorated. The government officials are making efforts to return him to power this year but this will not happen.