July 31, 2007

Arms deal with Middle East

The US has announced a massive arms deal with its allies in the Middle East. Israel will get $30bn of military aid, Egypt $13bn, while Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and UAE will share $20bn.

Where did the 9/11 hijackers come from? Saudi Arabia. Where is Bin Laden's home country? Saudi Arabia. Where is the source of wahabi fundamentalism? Saudi Arabia. Which country is an autocratic monarchy (i.e. dictatorship) with an appalling human rights record? Saudi Arabia. I know lets invade Iraq but where will we sell lots of expensive weapons to? Saudi Arabia. Does anyone really think this is a good plan?

New drug program for New Jersey cities

Intravenous drug users will be able to get clean needles in four New Jersey cities under an experimental program approved to try to slow the spread of HIV and AIDS. The needle exchange pilot program approved for Atlantic City, Camden, Newark and Paterson will end New Jersey's status as the only state without a legal way for drug users to get clean syringes. The state Legislature approved a pilot program last year that allows up to six cities to establish needle exchanges for three years. The four cities approved by the state Department of Health and Senior Services can begin operating their programs as soon as Sept. 1, but must be operating by Dec. 1.

Worldwide hotels

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July 27, 2007

child trafficking

Babies are being illegally offered for sale in Bulgaria with the promise of smuggling them abroad. Child trafficking is the lowest of the low, since it's all about money and not what might happen to these poor children once "the deal" is done. The traffickers themselves have no morals and no emotion, and should be locked up for life. For anyone wishing to adopt a child in a legal manner, there are lawful avenues to go through, but with so many genuine people wishing to have a child of their own, I can't understand why there are so many children seeking loving homes in the first place.

United States and India. Nuclear partners

The United States and India completed negotiations on a nuclear cooperation deal that would offer enormous benefits for both sides. But neither country gave details of the long-delayed, controversial accord and acknowledged critical steps must be taken before it can be implemented. The pact, approved by India's cabinet, would allow India access to U.S. nuclear fuel and equipment for the first time in 30 years, even though New Delhi refused to join non-proliferation pacts and tested nuclear weapons. But before cooperation can begin, India must negotiate an inspection regime for its nuclear facilities with the International Atomic Energy Agency and win approval from the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group. Also, the U.S. Congress must approve it. Many lawmakers and nonproliferation experts are concerned about what they believe are U.S. concessions to the Indian nuclear establishment.

End the Vicious Cycle of Debt: Bills.com Provides Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

End the Vicious Cycle of Debt: Bills.com Provides Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 25, 2007 – American consumers who are bold enough to take a mid-summer pulse of their personal finances may find more debt than ever before. American families owed a total of $895 billion on credit cards at the end of May (Source: Federal Reserve) -- and Bills.com co-founder and co-CEO Brad Stroh reports that Americans must take steps now to end the vicious cycle of debt.

"Debt has become a growing problem, and many Americans need to find a solution. With uncertainty about the future of housing prices, the high cost of oil, and record hikes in health care and higher education costs, many people are on the precipice of financial disaster. Americans are playing with fire by maintaining an average credit card debt load of nearly $10,000 per household (Source: CardData.com)," Stroh said. "At the same time, the stock market is at record levels, but most Americans cannot benefit from this potential prosperity because they are crippled with debt. For those with debt, the time to tackle it is now."

Money Smarts Slump
With an estimated eight billion credit card offers going to mailboxes to lure Americans into debt last year ((Source: CardWeb.com), consumers are managing their money less responsibly than ever before:

• U.S. consumers racked up an estimated $51 billion worth of fast food on their personal credit and debit cards in 2006, compared to $33.2 billion in 2005. (Source: CardData.com)
• Just 18 percent of credit card debt is paid off each month. (Source: CardData.com)
• Since the early 1980s, personal saving as a share of disposable personal income has dropped from a range of 8 to 10 percent to a negative 1.3 percent over the past year. (Source: American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research)
• The U.S. personal savings rate has been negative for eight consecutive quarters, reaching a 73-year low. This means Americans are dipping into their savings to make ends meet, rather than accumulating savings. (Source: U.S. Department of Commerce)
• At the same time, personal spending in the United States jumped in December 2006 by the highest amount in five months. (Source: U.S. Department of Commerce)

"The great news is that no matter how serious the situation – no matter how much an individual owes or why – it is possible to achieve freedom from debt," said Stroh. "Eliminating debt can be very challenging, but it changes people's lives forever. By ending the vicious cycle of debt, people truly become free and in control of their lives."

Managing the Big Four
For most consumers, ongoing debt falls into one or more of four categories: mortgage, credit card, tax, and student loan. While mortgage debt and student loan debt can be considered “healthy” debt -- securing an investment (home) or helping to build a better future (student loans) -- keeping the debts in control and paid in an on-time, systematic manner can make the difference between financial freedom and financial disaster. Stroh's company, Bills.com (http://www.bills.com), is a free online consumer portal that provides personal finance education and resources to help individuals manage their finances. To control debt, Stroh suggests individuals take these actions:

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2. Curb the credit cards. Half of credit card holders pay only their minimum monthly payments (Source: Experian-Gallup Personal Credit Index survey), which means that a purchase of a few hundred dollars can easily end up costing a few thousand dollars with interest. To slash repayment time – and total costs – make more than the minimum payment. Stroh advises making the highest payment on the credit card or loan with the highest interest rate. When that debt is repaid, add the higher payment to the next-highest-rate debt until that loan is paid off. "At first, the process can feel slow, but eventually you will see exciting progress," Stroh said. For more on cutting debts by 50 percent, and a debt savings quote, see https://www.bills.com/debthelp/debt/?rbc=2564.

3. Study up on student loans. Two-thirds of college graduates have student loan debts. They have an average $19,237 in loans (Source: FinAid). Defaulting on student loans can cripple a credit history for years to come. The right repayment plan -- including options such as consolidation -- can make loans manageable. Learn all about it at https://www.bills.com/studentloan/loan/?rbc=2564.

4. Tame the taxes. The IRS had almost 6.5 million delinquent accounts in 2006, and the number climbs every year. Worse, every late tax payment constantly accrues interest and penalties. For those with serious tax debt -- usually more than $10,000 -- experts can help work with the IRS to find a payable solution. See options at https://www.bills.com/debthelp/tax_debt/?rbc=2564.

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1. Learn the basics of personal finance. Everybody can find a style and a system of personal financial management that suits them. The Internet (at sites like www.bills.com) is loaded with free information.

2. Make a spending plan. Bills.com offers a free guide to personal finance that details how to create a spending plan. The guide is available for free at http://www.bills.com/guide. "Each month, plan how you will spend every dollar you earn," Stroh suggested. A budget is a great way to gain the freedom of knowing you are in control."

3. Seek help. For those with serious debt that they can't pay, help is available, especially if the situation was caused by a short-term problem such as a medical emergency. According to Demos, 29 percent of low and middle-income households with credit card debt reported that medical expenses contributed to their current balances. If support is needed, seek out a trustworthy debt resolution advisor about ethical, legitimate options. For more ideas about debt consultation, visit https://www.bills.com/debthelp/debt/?rbc=2564.

Based in San Mateo, Calif., Bills.com is a free one-stop online portal where consumers can educate themselves about complex personal finance issues and comparison shop for products and services including credit cards, debt relief assistance, insurance, mortgages and other loans. The company blogs about consumer finance issues at http://www.bills.com/blog. Since 2002, Bills.com and its partner company, Freedom Financial Network, have served more than 15,000 customers nationwide while managing more than $350 million in consumer debt. The company's co-founders and CEOs, Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh, were named Northern California finalists in Ernst & Young's 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

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July 26, 2007

Nigerian President new cabinet

Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua has announced his long-awaited cabinet in the capital, Abuja. Four members from the previous administration have been given key positions, suggesting Olusegun Obasanjo will still be influential. I am very optimist on the progress of the new cabinet. I am encouraged by administration’s progress thus far. To me, the key highlight is the unity government concept and the screening of appointees by the senate. I applaud Yar’Adua’s initiatives. Past leaders had the mentality that the winner/winning party takes all without considering the opposition. Nigeria is making key strive, people tend to forget she is a young democracy. I feel its unrealistic comparing Nigeria against western standards.

Islam. Europe’s fastest growing religion

In the Rhine Valley city of Mannheim, the glittering minaret of Germany's biggest mosque overshadows what was once the region's most vibrant church, testifying to Muslims' new confidence as Christian churches are closing down. Years ago, 180 sisters of the Catholic order of the Sisters of the Divine Savior were the pulse of the city. Today, eight remain. Every weekend, roughly 150 Roman Catholics attend mass at the Liebfrauen Church, while up to 3,000 Muslims throng the Yavuz-Sultan-Selim mosque. Since the mosque was opened in 1995, Muslim shops and youth centers have become a magnet for the Muslim community. Mannheim is not unique. Across Europe, the Continent's fastest-growing religion is establishing its public presence after decades in basements and courtyards, changing not only the architectural look of cities, but also their social fabrics. Hailed by many as a sign of Muslim integration, the phenomenon is also feared as evidence of a parallel Islamic world threatening Europe's Christian culture.

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July 25, 2007

Six medics have been released from a Libyan jail

Six medics have been released from a Libyan jail, following a deal struck between the EU and the Libyan authorities. Muammar Gaddafi does not deserve international recognition. He is a terrorist and a coward. Nobody in their right mind would think those medics would purposely infect anybody with HIV. France’s French President Nicolas Sarkozy is wrong to visit Libya and meet with Gaddafi. But then, the French being French, they will do whatever they want. The French have so much self loathing, which is correct, that they will do anything to get into print. If he is representing the EU, then shame on the EU.

Fujimori´s formula to avoid justice.

For most politicians, fame is an asset. But it's yet to be seen whether it will help Alberto Kenya Fujimori win a seat in Japan's Upper House. Mr. Fujimori reserves the distinction of being Japan's only Upper House candidate to conduct his campaign while under house arrest. He is the only candidate to have previously been elected president of a foreign nation. He is also the only aspiring member of the Upper House to have been indicted on more than 20 counts of corruption and human rights violations, including sanctioning death squads. Fujimori was arrested in Chile in 2005, where he still lives under house arrest, awaiting possible extradition to Peru, the country he ruled from 1990 to 2000. He is running for office in Japan to avoid his outstanding charges in Peru, but many Japanese voters don't even know he's running.

Go directly to the game

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July 24, 2007

Heat wave in Europe

I would not brand what is happening in Europe as something unusual. Heat wave has been happening for many years now. America experienced a hot summer in 1980(as I read, since I was not around back then), and New York had a heat wave in 1977.So this has been going on for many years and is nothing new. Wildfires have been a daily occurrence almost every year in the Western part of America. Heat wave can destroy many things that economically important, like crops in Serbia and Moldova. I feel bad for those with no air conditioning. I do not believe global warming is a myth, but I'm not quick to call this global warming either.

High food prices, low aid to poor

Rising food prices are threatening the ability of aid organizations to help the world's hungriest people. Worldwide, basic foods now cost 21 percent more at the wholesale level than in 2005, with key commodities such as grains and oils up more than 30 percent, according to World Bank price indexes. For poor people, that means the quality and quantity of nutrition are at risk. For relief organizations, it means aid resources are stretched thin. Typically, donor governments boost their food-relief funding when a crisis demands it. What's happening now is not so much a crisis as a quiet squeeze. Retail food prices haven't spiked as much as wholesale prices.

Mugabe challenge

When Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 the talk was of peace and co-operation. Accusations of violence and corruption has characterized his administration, with government officials alleged to be lining their pockets from Congo's rich mineral reserves while Zimbabwe's own economy plummets out of control.

Mugabe has already conceded defeat in his attempt to delay the next election until 2010 and now faces a fight to get Zanu-PF to adopt him as its presidential candidate next year. Britain and the US believe that the strongest challenge to Mr Mugabe comes not from the opposition but from within his Zanu-PF party. Former army chief, Solomon Mujuru is his principal menace.

Negotiations to free the 23 Korean hostages at a crucial stage

Taliban rebels said negotiations to free the 23 Korean hostages they are holding in Afghanistan were at a crucial stage. Talks between the Taliban and Afghan tribal elders, who are liaising with the Kabul government and South Korea, went on as a rebel deadline for Seoul to agree to pull its 200 troops out of Afghanistan passed on Tuesday. No new deadline had been set. The militants, who are also seeking the release of Taliban prisoners, have warned that use of force by government troops surrounding them would put the lives of the 23 Christian hostages -- 18 women and five men -- at risk.


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July 23, 2007

Taxes to deal with CO2?

If we wanted to deal with CO2, then the answer is in planting more trees. Trees eat CO2 and dish out oxygen. Winning forumla surely? We can't have easy solutions when there are clear tax-grab opportunities to seize before the public gets wise. So let's make everyone shit scared of CO2 and tax them to death. By the time they notice what's going on, it's be too late! Taxes are easily invented, yet so very rarely abolished or decreased. I really fail to see what the big deal is. Plant more trees. Why is that so hard? In around 5-10 years, we won't be obsessed by CO2 at all; it'll be something like Nitrous Oxide or Excessive levels of Hydrogen or something.

Gonzales to repair its broken image

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says he's staying at the Justice Department to try to repair its broken image, telling Congress in a statement he's troubled that politics may have played a part in hiring career federal prosecutors. Senators already skeptical of Gonzales' ability to lead the department were preparing to hammer him about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys and conflicts between his earlier statements and the testimony of a former aide. The attorney general's comments were included in 26 pages of prepared testimony released on the eve of his scheduled appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing comes during an escalating executive-privilege standoff with the White House over the firings. Across the Capitol, the House Judiciary Committee was readying votes on contempt citations for White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and former presidential counsel Harriet Miers for disregarding subpoenas to testify and provide documents on the firings. The White House has said that any such materials are covered by executive privilege and that the president's current and former immediate advisers are immune from congressional subpoenas.

Easy additional income

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Regional consequences of the Iran’s nuclear program

Only a fool would deny that Iran is in pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Perhaps the greatest danger resulting from an Iranian nuclear weapon is the nuclear arms race it would likely set off. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey would likely embark on a nuclear program to offset Iran's influence. It does not bode well for world security to have nuclear armed countries dotting the Mideast. An American or Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would probably cripple their nuclear program. However, Iran would still have a lot of cards left to cause mayhem. Perhaps the best thing the US can do to end the Iranian nuclear program is to destabilize the Ahmadinejad regime. Many Iranians, especially the young and educated, are embarrassed by the man. It shouldn't be too difficult to topple this regime.

Pakistan's chief justice returned

Pakistan's chief justice returned, days after the Supreme Court reinstated him in a landmark ruling that struck a blow for democracy and undermined the authority of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry won the court battle; more than four months after Musharraf removed him for alleged misconduct and sparked mass protests against military rule. Smartly dressed guards saluted Chaudhry before he climbed into his official limousine at his residence on his way to the court in the morning. It was a sharp contrast to the humiliation he suffered after his March 9 suspension when he was manhandled by police and placed under virtual house arrest for several days.

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China it is not a creative economy

The Chinese have been making cheap copies of other nation’s innovations for the last 50 years. The difference is that they are making more of them now and will continue to dominate the "cheap copy" marketplace. That’s all well and good; but it also means they will have a real hard time turning into an innovation based economy where they research and develop new products which can compete with Western competition.

The tainted food scare from China actually really highlights the delicate nature of their economy. They need to keep quality up because in fact, most consumers in the West will pay a little more for good quality. If their products are so cheap that they are in fact defective, then less and less of the world will use them as the cheapo factory.

British Prime Minister would not rule out military action against Iran

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would not rule out military action against Iran, but believed a policy of sanctions could still persuade Tehran to drop its disputed nuclear program. The United Nations Security Council has imposed two rounds of sanctions since December on Iran for failing to halt uranium enrichment, a process which can produce fuel for power plants or material for warheads. A third sanctions resolution is being considered. Western powers suspect Iran's activities are secretly aimed at producing atom bombs. Tehran says its nuclear program is for purely peaceful ends, such as electricity generation. Iran held talks with the U.N. watchdog International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) this month to clear up outstanding questions about its nuclear activity and improve IAEA inspectors' access to its enrichment plant.

July 22, 2007

BP factory in Whiting

A big BP oil refinery will be build in Indiana and, as ever, environmentalist begin their tales about conspiracy theories to say that BP is planning to pour significantly more ammonia and industrial sludge into Lake Michigan.

They say the move by the British Petroleum oil refinery of Whiting, Ind., runs counter to years of efforts to clean up the U.S. Great Lakes, quoting The Chicago Tribune report on Saturday.

However, they forgot to say facts like these:

- A new water discharge permit allows the refinery’s average ammonia discharge to increase, but at levels that will still be less than half of those that federal environmental guidelines could allow.

- Today the refinery has about 1,700 employees and another 1,500 contract workers. The planned modernization will create new jobs for about 2,000 contract workers during peak construction, as well as an estimated 80 full-time BP employees when complete.

- What is released from the refinery is treated water that is more than 99.9% water — not sludge. All sludge is treated separately, according to state and federal requirements, and never discharged into Lake Michigan. Click here to read more real facts.

BP has repeated constantly its duty as environmentally friendly. Also, the refinery still will meet federal water pollution guidelines; they will not work as they want. Conspiracy theories will not develop Indiana.

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July 19, 2007

Iran internal situation

Anyone who has followed the affairs in Iran can see the crackdown this year is much worse than it has been for almost 15 years. The situation is not normal and worsening, quite unlike how things were 5 years ago.

The current hardliners believe the best way to secure the Islamic Republic and their own future is to:

1. Seek confrontation abroad (so as to legitimize themselves as standing up to "imperialists" and to force people at home to choose between loyalty to their country and "siding with foreigners") and

2. To terrorize at home (so as to please their core supporters who are hostile to the flouting of a strict Islamic lifestyle by the vast majority of Iranians and also simply to intimidate and eliminate opponents).

Tony Blair in action

The Quartet of Middle East mediators met for the first time with Tony Blair as special envoy at a meeting Washington hopes will breathe some life into the stagnant Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The Quartet meeting is the first since Hamas Islamists seized control of the Gaza Strip from U.S.-backed President Mahmoud Abbas's forces last month and since the former British prime minister was named as its envoy. The group, including the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations, is expected to endorse U.S. efforts to restart long-frozen negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on ending decades of conflict.

Win an iPod!

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Women in the Iranian regime

The present dress code in Iran is unacceptable. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want. Those who are enforcing it have minimum education. They come from poor and ultra religious families. These people are so ill-informed and narrow-minded that they think everything in the terms of their own families and up bringing. They have no conception of Iranian history or culture or the modern world or even Islam. If they did, then they would know that according to Islam a woman is required to dress modestly. There is nothing about head to toe covering especially in hot summer.

Instead of improving Iran's economy, and improving her relation with the rest of the world, these backward and "don't know anything people" resort to punishing decent Iranians especially the women and the respected educated population. The Islamic regime has destroyed Iran's economy, damaged her culture and reputation. Further, by enforcing their archaic form of government, they have taken Iran back to the dark ages. As a result, an overwhelming majority of Iranians are sick and tired of this backward regime.

The White House chief of staff faced possible contempt charges

The White House chief of staff faced possible contempt charges after a congressional panel ruled as invalid President George W. Bush's bid to limit the probe of the firing of federal prosecutors. On a party-line vote of 7-3, a Democratic-led House of Representatives Judiciary subcommittee rejected Bush's contention that his claim of executive privilege shields the top aide, Joshua Bolten, from having to turn over subpoenaed documents. Linda Sanchez said she hoped the White House would yield and produce the documents, but the administration accused Congress of pushing for a courtroom showdown. The administration says their firings of nine of the 93 U.S. attorneys last year were justified. But critics say the ousters were politically motivated, perhaps even to influence ongoing criminal probes of Democratic or Republican lawmakers.

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July 18, 2007

Hamas is a terrorist movement

The Hamas' social programme, that doesn't change the fact that they're deeply racist religious extremist terrorists. If the government of the US became so corrupt and ineffective that people became disgusted with it, and in the meantime the BNP improved welfare, it would still be a shameful act for the Americans people to vote them into power.

In 1947, the Palestinians couldn't wait to destroy Israels legal boundaries and kill all the Jews within them. Shame about that war they lost. You know, I see that as poetic justice. The Palestinians and the Arab states tried to conquer Israel (the Israel created by the UN General Assembly) and instead lost lots of land.

An FBI analyst working for the Philippine government

A former FBI intelligence analyst who worked under two vice presidents was sentenced to 10 years in prison for passing secret U.S. documents in an effort to topple the Philippine government. Leandro Aragoncillo, 48, apologized in court for his actions and said he was just trying to help bring Filipinos out of poverty. Aragoncillo worked as a military aide to vice presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney starting in the late 1990s before joining the FBI as a civilian employee at Fort Monmouth. He pleaded guilty in May 2006 to four charges. The most serious charge, conspiracy to transmit national defense information, can carry the death penalty, but under his plea agreement, Aragoncillo faced a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Fitness dating

Those of us without a significant other know what it is like to want to meet other fitness singles, but not be sure where to look. There are many options out there, each one has its own positives and negatives. From online dating to speed dating.

There are a number of ways to meet fitness dating and while we may all have our own favorites, it is almost universal to want to meet someone. Online dating has been a great way for those with busy schedules or a lack of affinity for the club scene to take a little bit extra time building up to a first date and that has really filled in a lot of the voids for some singles.

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Pakistan is seen as an ally by the USA

Pakistan is seen as an ally by the USA and Bush has signalled to President Musharraf that a tougher line on Terror is required especially in the Tribal areas which supposedly have been subjected to more military interest. Bush's stance may have precipitated the attack on the Red Mosque. Unlike Iran there seems little comment and no demonisation of Pakistan for being a nuclear club member and the most likely reason is that to date there's little or no connection with Palestine and Israel; should Pakistan be seen as a new supporter of the Palestinians all will change. However it should worry the US/UK as they struggle in Afghanistan and Iraq, as to open up a new front in either Pakistan (where arguably to combat the Taliban one is needed) or Iran would seriously strain their military capacity and their domestic political support.

Obama's strategy

Barack Obama says people are sure to love him once they get to know him. For now, though, Democrats seem to love Hillary Rodham Clinton more, so Obama is trying to turn heads with select jabs at his chief rival. Obama's criticisms of the two-term senator and former first lady have been regular but subtle reminders that for all his campaign money and promises of hope, he still trails her in most national and early state polls. And when you're No. 2, the only option is to chip away at the front-runner. The heart of Obama's campaign is convincing voters that Clinton is a Washington establishment candidate while he will bring fresh views for voters tired of politics as usual. But he has to walk a fine line when it comes to criticizing his opponents so voters don't see him as just another politician on the attack.

Crew cab trucks

Crew cabs have bigger passenger compartments than extended-cab pickups, and have four conventional doors instead of stubby back doors. Bare-bones versions for construction crews have been around for years; fancy ones for families are recent. They are bought instead of big sport-utility vehicles.

Crew cab pickup trucks offer the perfect blend--a true truck bed for hauling cargo and rear doors leading to full second row seating for your passengers. crew cab trucks are gaining in popularity every year and automakers have revved up production to accommodate the increasing number of buyers for this versatile body style. There's a selection of Isuzu crew cab trucks in varying price ranges. There should be one to suit your tastes and needs.

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Castro is a criminal

The idea that Castro jails pro-democracy dissidents in Cuba because they constitute an 'American threat' is so moronic and despicable one is at a loss for words. The idea that the US is somehow responsible for the jailing of pro-democracy advocates by Castro's thugs is equally absurd. And do you wonder who, exactly, these 'American agents' were? Independent journalists and librarians. Fidel Castro is a terrorist, a dictator and one of the worst governments in the history. He is an enemy and a cruel man.

I can’t understand how some people support this dictatorship. The ONU and the international laws must tightening the economic embargo against Cuba.

The Islamist militant group resume talks to end the fighting

The Islamist militant group battling Lebanese troops at a Palestinian refugee camp it was willing to resume talks to end the fighting, a move that came after it lost ground in a two-month-old battle. Lebanese troops have entered the battered Nahr al-Bared camp in northern Lebanon and seized further territory, cornering the al Qaeda-inspired militants and pressuring them to surrender. Al Qaeda is calling the army to rebel but this is unlikely to be taken seriously by the Lebanese army which is said to be days away from crushing the militants in a battle that has so far killed 231 people in the worst internal violence since the 1975-1990 civil war.

Outdoor furniture

Start dreaming of sun-drenched days and relaxing in the privacy of your own back yard because even though winter may still be nipping at your toes, now is the time to order outdoor furniture if you want it by the time the weather actually warms up. Outdoor furniture tends to have long lead times with deliveries taking from four to eight weeks and sometimes even longer, according to industry sources.

Choosing the right teak patio furniture for you and your lifestyle is important not only for your optimal enjoyment but because, like your interior furnishings, it's an investment. So start thinking about blue skies and barbecues – and where you're going to sit to enjoy them.

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On the US anti missile system

Only ballistic missile launched from site in Russia just north of Iran could possibly be intercepted by the planned American system. Few Russian launch sites are located there and it would make no sense for those that are located there to be targeted on the US. Get out globe or a polar projection map and chart the trajectories. Remember ballistic missiles launched at targets thousands of miles away must travel great circle routes corrected for the rotation of the earth during flight, which is a relatively minor correction. The vast majority of Russian launch sites are north or east of Moscow, many Far East of Moscow, and it would be simply impossible for missile interceptors launched from Poland to hit them. Iran today does not have missiles that could reach the US but the system is planned to meet a future not a present threat and for it to be in pace then one needs to start now. As for North Korea, check your geography. Alaska is on the trajectory from North Korea to the US west coast and that is where the missile interceptors or to be sited. Any site in Poland would be obviously irrelevant with respect to a missile launched from N. Korea.

Immigration in US, EU and UK

The country boundaries itself is one root cause of inequality in the world. On top of that to maintain the status quo of inequality and rich-poor divide between European and other poor / developing continent. If EU (in that case UK/ US too) really mean to solve world's problem, they should totally relax the immigration laws for next 200 years. The flow of people would make this world a much more equal and balanced place to live peacefully.

Immigration is a vital part of every country, as it brings in skilled workers. All nations benefits from immigration, because immigration rates are linked to grow rate.

By Raj Doctor

Florida's Gov. first death warrant

Gov. Charlie Crist signed his first death warrant, ending a temporary halt on lethal injections that had been imposed after a botched execution last year. Mark Dean Schwab, a convicted child killer, is scheduled to be executed November 15. In signing the warrant, Crist said he was confident lethal injections could proceed in line with constitutional bans on cruel and unusual punishment. Last December, then-Gov. Jeb Bush suspended all Florida executions after a medical examiner determined prison officials had botched the insertion of the needles when a convicted killer was put to death. Angel Nieves Diaz's execution took 34 minutes (twice as long as usual) and required a rare second dose of lethal chemicals.

All inclusive resorts

If you like to go somewhere just to relax and not worry about taking out your wallet every couple of hours to pay for food, drinks, or activities, then there's probably several all inclusive resorts that's just right for you.

If you like to stay up all night partying and drinking, if you want to take advantage of all the included watersports and activities, if you want to have food and snacks available all day and if you don't want to have to worry about the final bill when you check out, an all-inclusive is definitely a viable option. Some resorts even boast 24-hour room service.

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Russia should be striving to repair ties with Britain

Russia's deputy foreign minister has said Britain's expulsion of four diplomats from London could jeopardize co-operation on counter-terrorism and others security issues. Britain is trying to humiliate Russia and limit their intelligence on the issue and is standing up against harboring a high profile suspect. Russia should be striving to repair ties with Britain (and the US for that matter) and this relatively small matter is not helping their international relations. This incident should be repaired on both sides quickly (as it must for economic reasons) through appeasement. To let this blow over would be to expand on the media hype of a Russian chill.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he will call new legislative elections

Eighteen months after his Fatah movement was trounced at the polls, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he will call new legislative elections in a move seen as seeking to further isolate the Islamic militants of Hamas. Hamas said early elections would be illegal and warned they could lead to new violence. Abbas' aides said they expected the ballot by the end of this year or early 2008. His announcement came as the U.S. and other international mediators were moving to revive Mideast peace efforts. In a speech to the Palestine Central Council, Abbas denounced Hamas in the harshest terms, accusing the Islamic movement of staging a coup against him in the Gaza Strip and of provoking Israel and Egypt to seal Gaza's borders.

Aquarium decorations

There are a lot of different kinds of aquarium decorations. You will find everything from ancient ruins to treasure chests to simple rock designs. If you find the right store, your aquarium supplies will seem endless.

If you have a saltwater tank, you might consider coral designs, and more pirate-like decorations.

For regular freshwater tanks, you can be as creative as you want. Create an ancient civilization or even get some moving decorations. Moving decorations are a little more expensive, but they are a lot of fun. These commonly attach to an air pump, which provides them motion. You can find treasure chests that open and shut as well as divers who dive up and down, all the time with air bubbles popping up.

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Victory then peace

NATO, through ISAF and the PRTs are doing great things in Afghanistan--building physical infrastructure, educating the population, providing security, helping Afghans eliminate poppy cultivation, encouraging tribal reconciliation, etc. It must keep up the work lest another Taliban regime gain control again. The damaging consequences of a failed Afghan state are too real.

I'm afraid that the current conflict is not about setting up a stable democracy in Afghanistan, its actually about making sure that something worse (Taliban Rule) is not set up. The problem is the same in Iraq, you can't set up governments until the fight is won, it doesn't work. What needs to be done in both countries is that TOTAL military rule needs to be established, then power handed back. This can only be done when the insurgents are COMPLETELY defeated. Victory, then peace.

John McCain support Bush's war strategy

Divisions over Iraq extended to the presidential campaign during the Senate's all-night debate, with Republican John McCain steadfastly backing President Bush's war strategy as Democratic rivals demanded troop withdrawals. Presidential candidates voted mostly along party lines, with McCain and Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., opposing the measure, while Clinton and Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois, Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Joe Biden of Delaware supporting it. Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican flirting with a bid, sided with the Democrats. As the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee, McCain took the lead for the GOP during the debate. It was a fitting role, given that, aside from Bush, he is widely viewed as the Republican whose political fortunes are perhaps most tied to Iraq. He was on the floor Tuesday until about 10:15 p.m., returned for several hours in the middle of the night, and was back at it by dawn.

Use your space better

When purchasing a computer cart, there are several things you should consider to ensure it provides you with comfort and with ease of use. A computer cart should compliment your space effectively and fulfill your workspace needs. The first thing you should consider when purchasing computer carts is the area where it will be placed. If the computer cart will be placed in a home office, determine which room will house the desk. Then, take measurements to determine how much space you have available for the computer cart.

Keep in mind that you will need clearance space for any drawers or cabinets that your cart may have. Therefore, you might not be able to butt the computer cart against two walls in a corner. If you absolutely must use the corner of the room, or if you prefer the look of a corner cart, then you will need to shop specifically for one designed to fit this type of area.

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July 16, 2007

No weapons to No democratic countries

Burma is a small country which borders India, China and Thailand. Thailand is unlikely to attack Burma, and if either of the two Asian giants did, a few combat helicopters would hardly affect to outcome. Therefore one must assume that the aim of acquiring such aircraft is internal suppression, although the exact role of a strike helicopter in putting down civil unrest is unclear, to say the least, except attacking guerilla camps perhaps. Burma's military government has created a culture of fear and oppression in what was once south East Asia’s most prosperous nation. The world should not sell any type of weapons to this type of non-democratic countries.

Political race, money race

Democrats outraised Republicans about $80 million to $50 million from April through June. But Republicans kept pace with Democrats on spending, nearly $50 million spent on both sides. The Democrats' money advantage was helped in large part by the extraordinary fundraising of Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. He raised $32 million for the primary; she raised $21.5 million. But even as they raised more money, the better financed Democrats were chary about spending it all. Obama, the freshman senator from Illinois, spent half of what he raised in the second quarter. Clinton spent 60 cents for every primary dollar raised. John Edwards raised $9 million and spent $6.4 million.

That was not the Republican model. John McCain raised $11.3 million and spent $13 million. Mitt Romney had to lend his campaign $6 million to stay even with his spending for the quarter. The pattern was similar among GOP candidates with lesser finances. Only Rudy Giuliani, the Republican with the most cash on hand, kept his spending below his fundraising. Obama and Clinton ended the quarter with $34 million and $33 million in the bank, respectively. The Republicans' penchant for spending beyond their fundraising was especially apparent with McCain, the senator from Arizona. The McCain camp ended up spending more in the second quarter and raising less, even though their first quarter fundraising had left them with less cash on hand than Romney or Giuliani,

All about Propecia

Drug Uses

Propecia is a pill used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head). There is not sufficient evidence that Propecia works for receding hairlines at the temples. Propecia is for use by MEN ONLY and should NOT be used by women or children.

How Taken

Propecia comes as a tablet. Propecia usually is taken once a day. It may be taken with or without food. Take Propecia exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor. Continue to take Propecia even if you feel well. Do not stop taking Propecia without talking to your doctor.


Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you have liver disease. You may not be able to take Propecia, or you may need a lower dose or special monitoring during treatment. Propecia is intended for men use only. Propecia is not indicated for women use. Do not take or handle this medication if you are pregnant or are could become pregnant during treatment. Propecia is in the FDA pregnancy category X. This means that it is known to cause birth defects in an unborn baby. Women who are or who may become pregnant must not handle crushed or broken Propecia tablets. The medication could be absorbed through the skin. Propecia is known to cause birth defects in a developing male baby. Exposure to whole tablets should be avoided whenever possible however exposure to whole tablets is not expected to be harmful as long as the tablets are not swallowed. It is not known whether Propecia passes into breast milk. Propecia is not intended for women use. Do not take this medication if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose of Propecia and you remember the same day, take it as soon as possible. If you do not remember until the next day, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not take 2 doses at once.

Possible Side Effects

Stop taking Propecia and seek emergency medical attention if you experience an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives).
Other, less serious side effects have been reported but usually resolve with continued treatment. Continue to take Propecia and notify your doctor if you experience:
-decreased libido (sex drive);
-decreased volume of ejaculate;
-impotence (trouble getting or keeping an erection); or
-breast tenderness or enlargement.
Side effects other than those listed here may also occur. Talk to your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome.


Store Propecia at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (15 and 30 degrees C) in a tightly closed container, away from moisture.


Seek emergency medical attention if an overdose is suspected. Symptoms of a Propecia overdose are not known.

More Information

DO NOT share Propecia with others for whom it was not prescribed. DO NOT use Propecia for other health conditions. Keep this product out of the reach of children. If using Propecia for an extended period of time, obtain refills before your supply runs out.


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July 14, 2007

The events of September 11 did expose a serious problem

The events of September 11 did expose a serious problem: the inability of emergency personnel to communicate with other agencies using their radios. For a variety of reasons police, fire, and other agencies operate on different radio frequencies--and even in a day when ham radio enthusiasts have multiple frequency radios that can be re-programmed within minutes, most police and firefighters do not. The cops could talk among themselves, but could not talk to the firefighters.

This issue was not unique to New York, by any means. And it is the issue brought out by the 911 Commission that has drawn the most action (and funding) at the federal government level--a lot of radios have been replaced.

For decades there has been a hostile relationship between the Mayor's Office and the city employee unions, including the IAFF. At the time of the World Trade Center collapse, the City of New York was reconsidering a plan to reorganize the fire department, including a significant change in work rules and a reduction in the number of fire stations in the city. It was an idea that had been around for a long time--simply put, the number of fires in New York is a small fraction of what it once was: New York City has a tough electrical code, and that has drastically reduced the number of fires.

27-year-old Indian doctor suspected al Qaeda linked plot in Britain

Australian Federal Police charged a 27-year-old Indian doctor over his reckless links with the alleged perpetrators of the attempted car bomb attacks in Britain on June 29 and 30. After being held for 12 days, Mohamed Haneef, 27, appeared in a Brisbane court charged with providing support to a terrorist organization. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said the police charge cited recklessness, rather than intention. The Queensland-based doctor is one of six Indian doctors questioned in Australia over the suspected al Qaeda linked plot in Britain. The others have been released. Lawyers for Haneef told the court the doctor was not a flight risk as his passport has been confiscated.

Crane Operations

According to experts, logging done by the crane is quite different from the usual Crane Operator at building sites where construction cranes are usually used.

The mental strain is much greater during logging operations because of the high number of crane and boom movements per unit of time. For example, a swinging boom caused by lifting a tangled tree makes the driver apprehensive of overturning the vehicle and increases his mental strain as well. Apart from other factors the driver's previous experience with logging operations has an influence on the logging performance because crane operators often have difficulties when they are logging trees for the first time.

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The EU is a good start

The nation state largely solved the problem of almost-identical tribes fighting each other over microscopic differences and instead raised identity to a higher level. Similarly, the development of the EU and of other trans-national governance has solved violent nationalism and is raising identity again - from individual nationalisms to that of Europeans. Surely, as humanity progresses, we will eventually reach the widespread acceptance of the identity that corresponds most closely with reality. We are one people, one human family, sharing one small and finite planet. THAT is our REAL and most important identity. Because the truth is that we're NOT different and we're NOT separate. And the sooner the 'official world' reflects that, the better. The EU is a good start.

Sex slaves controversy

Conservative Japanese politicians, scholars and journalists plan to write to U.S. lawmakers urging them to revoke a resolution calling on Tokyo to apologize for forcing women to serve as sex slaves during World War Two. Arguing that there were no sex slaves and that the women were prostitutes, the group said they were "surprised and shocked" when the U.S. House of Representatives' International Committee passed the non-binding resolution last month. The House committee's chairman has criticized attempts by conservative Japanese politicians to deny official involvement, including a Washington Post advertisement by lawmakers in June stating that the women had worked as licensed prostitutes. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe caused an uproar in March when he said there was no proof that the government or the military had forced thousands of women, mostly Asians, into sexual servitude.

Instant credit cards

Finding Credit Cards online is as simple as a keyword search. They’re everywhere. Not only can you find the sites of financial institutions that offer credit cards online, but you can also find reviews from the users of credit cards online, as well as sites of agencies and other organizations that offer a comparison of several instant credit cards.

The Web is now a one-stop shop for credit cards online - for finding the various credit cards online, for comparing the APR (annual percentage rate), the annual fee and the various rewards and points incentives of each. You can also apply for credit cards online as well.

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Family and children

Our confusion about anti-social families is that we're prepared to describe any group of adults with children as a family even when they're quite obviously not. Physically having one or more children is the easiest thing in the world but that in of itself doesn't make a family. (Adoptive parents make successful families without physically having children.) If there is no attempt to educate the adults about the requirements and responsibilities of family life -- something that's usually done by their parents as part of a continuing process of life -- then they will be unable to parent and their kids will tend to be unable to parent in turn. The only recourse is to bring in proper adults and train the family, boot camp style, how to live and operate. This is best done by the community and its something that needs high priority for funding.

Russia suspended its participation in a key European arms control treaty

Russia suspended its participation in a key European arms control treaty that governs deployment of troops on the continent, a move that threatened to further aggravate Moscow's already tense relations with the West. Putin has in the past threatened to freeze his country's compliance with the treaty, accusing the United States and its NATO partners of undermining regional stability with U.S. plans for a missile defense system in former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe. Under the moratorium, Russia will halt inspections and verifications of its military sites by NATO countries and will no longer limit the number of its conventional weapons, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The White House reacted with disappointment to Russia's decision.

Attractive pool design

Your budget is really the only limit on what you can do with an in-ground pool design. Negative edges, swimming pool waterfall, natural rock formations, swim in bars, attached spas, you name it and with enough coin of the realm you can have it. Even standard designs and forms can yield a very attractive backyard feature at a relatively reasonable price.

Above ground pools have come a long way. Much improved wall designs and liners make them much less the eyesore that kept prospective buyers away. Add on decking, whether prefab or custom built, can make the above ground pool a very attractive focus for summer fun and for considerably less money. Pool accessory manufacturers have gotten the message and offer many products for above ground pools that used to be available only to in-ground owners; basket ball and volley ball games, solar blanket reels and even pool slides.

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July 13, 2007

For the supporters of Iran’s nuclear program

Technically speaking, open hostilities commenced in 1979 when the Iranian "students" stormed the US Embassy and took American diplomats hostage. You had your casus bellum right there. By the way, Ah-mad-nutjob was one of those "students".

Furthermore, the notion that Iran is benign and unthreatening is bogus. They remain fully committed to undo the existing balance of power in the region, and it's against this backdrop that Teheran's thrust for nukes must be understood.

No sanctions in the world will put an end to their nuclear ambitions. They know it and we know it. Letting the mullahs go nuclear is a doomsday scenario. Those medievalists stone people to death for adultery. And you want them to have nuclear ordnance? It's sheer madness.

Robust and concrete steps must be taken soon while we still have the upper hand in this game.

The US should do it for everyone's sake, including non-combatants in Iran. After all, United States commands more than enough in military hardware to put Iran's nuclear facilities out of commission through conventional means. On the other hand, Israel would have to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to do the job right. Therefore, a joint military strike makes operational sense all around.

A war that has killed 200,000 and displaced 2.5 million

When Darfuri refugees started streaming across the border into Chad four years ago, fleeing a civil war that has killed 200,000 and displaced 2.5 million, many Chadians opened their arms in welcome. Al-Hajj Saboor Arta Bakit took one step further. He gave the refugees some of his land to raise their own crops. This step has earned him some local respect, some derision, and three separate stints in the local jail. But Mr. Bakit says he was only acting on the urging of his heart. Not only does Bakit's gift provide 160 Sudanese families with the chance to become self-sufficient by growing their own food, it also builds a crucial bridge between Chadians and Sudanese refugees whose welcome may be wearing thin. Despite sharing the same languages, the same religion, and in some cases the same relatives, the addition of some 57,000 refugees to the local population of 60,000 has doubled the burden on water and land resources.

Mailing Lists from Martin Worldwide

Mailing lists allow you to setup special email addresses on the mail server which will allow you to quickly send emails to large numbers of email accounts. The lists can contain both local and external email addresses as well as being setup to deliver to all users within a particular local domain or group.

Mailing Lists from Martin Worldwide are designed to be simple to set up but also remain secure. The available security options allow you to restrict the number of deliveries per day. Mailing lists can also manage delivery email addresses, allowing users to automatically add or remove themselves.

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Britain's invasion of Argentina

Britain's invasion of Argentina 200 years ago became one of his least remembered and most ignomious failures. The thing that got does not spell out is why the British attacked. He implies, but not state explicitly, that it was an act of Imperialist aggression. No doubt that is true, but why 1806-7? Why not 1804 or 1808?

The reason is simple. Spain had become Napoleon's ally in 1805 and had declared war on Britain. It was normal British practice to conquer the colonies of the powers they fought rather than fighting them in Europe. So this was part of the attempt to weaken and conquer the Spanish empire when it was allied with napoleon. By 1808 Spain was Britain’s ally and the idea of conquering the Spanish empire vanished.

Washington may be experiencing a break in its fiscal weather

After years of unrelenting deficits, Washington may be experiencing a break in its fiscal weather. Strong tax revenues mean that the 2007 shortfall between US income and spending will be the smallest it has been since 2002, according to new White House estimates. But these rays of progress may be fleeting, say some experts. Revenue growth is already slowing, and defense spending and huge entitlement programs such as Medicare continue to expand at a rapid clip. According to the Office of Management and Budget's annual mid-session review, the federal budget deficit is now predicted to come in at $205 billion for the fiscal year that ends this October.

That's $43 billion lower than last year's deficit and about half the recent peak of $413 billion, hit in 2004. In fact, it's $15 billion lower than OMB predictions of only five months ago.

Fitness gadgets

Many fitness gadgets are available on the internet. It's important to spend enough time evaluating the piece of exercise equipment and be sure that you will use the equipment before you buy it. Once you've made that purchase, protect your investment and follow the manufacturers’ maintenance suggestions.

The bottom line is this: Any piece of Exercise Equipment is a good choice if you use it. If you don't use it, the most expensive, top of the line item is worthless. You are the only one who can truly determine the value of your purchase and the results you get with your new exercise equipment.

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Giuliani is the frontrunner by default

The main reason that Giuliani is the frontrunner is simply by default: the other two prominent candidates, Romney and McCain, are even more unacceptable to the bases. McCain has never been trusted or accepted by them, has further alienated them with his recent stand on immigration, and worries them with his more stubborn and deluded than thou support of the Iraq War. And Romney is highly dubious, being as he is the former governor of Massachusetts, the most notoriously liberal state in the country, is constantly having to explain past statement he made to get elected in Massachusetts, and on top of that is a Mormon which makes him a heretic to virtually everyone in the religious right.

A plan to dramatically narrow the mission of U.S. troops in Iraq

Two prominent Senate Republicans have drafted legislation that would require President Bush by mid-October to come up with a plan to dramatically narrow the mission of U.S. troops in Iraq. The legislation, which represents a sharp challenge to Bush, was put forward Friday by Sens. John Warner and Richard Lugar and it came as the Pentagon acknowledged that a decreasing number of Iraqi army battalions are able to operate independently of U.S. troops. Bush has asked Congress to hold off on demanding a change in the course of the war until September, when the top U.S. commander, Gen. David Petraeus, and U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker, delivers a fresh assessment of its progress. Warner, R-Va., and Lugar, R-Ind., are well regarded within Congress on defense issues. Warner was the longtime chairman of the Armed Services Committee before stepping down last year, while Lugar is the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Internet telephone systems

While internet telephony is not free, it offers very attractive cost savings when compared with traditional telephone systems.

Internet telephone systems (VoIP - Voice-over-Internet Protocol) or hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems, have four main components: handsets or other end-user devices, a call server or IP-PBX, gateways, and a data network. The handsets can either be existing traditional handsets that are connected to a regular PBX or they can be devices designed specifically for VoIP usage.

Similarly, the call server or IP-PBX can be software on an existing server or a dedicated IP-PBX. VoIP gateways are used to connect the PBX to the data network. VoIP gateways convert analog voice signals to data packets that can be transmitted over the data network and then reassemble those packets at the other end, turning them back into analog voice signals.

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Al-Qaida has rebuilt its strength

Al-Qaida has rebuilt its strength. All terrorist organizations evolve and the longer a conflict goes on the more they evolve to meet each new challenge those in the organization who don't evolve die.

A major mistake was after the initial invasion of Afghanistan Al-Qaeda was ignored I think Bush stated it was beaten, as those in charge of American policy saw a chance to go for Saddam.

Al-Qaeda welcomed this chance to rest regroup and rebuild itself. I dare say if we get close to defeating them, who ever is in charge of American policy will halt operations to allow them to regroup again.

UN atomic inspectors prepared to return to Pyongyang

North Korea called for military talks with the United States, as UN atomic inspectors prepared to return to Pyongyang to supervise the shutdown of its nuclear program. But with inspectors on the eve of returning to check on North Korea's nuclear facilities for the first time in five years, the North also warned that a landmark disarmament deal could still be undone by US threats. The secretive regime, which tested an atomic bomb for the first time last year, has repeatedly said it needs nuclear weapons to fend off a US attack, and ahead of the pending UN visit called for talks with its long-time foe. The first step in the deal (the closure of Yongbyon reactor, which produces raw material for bomb-making plutonium) is expected within days.

Reasonable mortgage quote

When you are paying too much for a mortgage, you often don't realize it until you have already given away thousands of dollars. Your hard earned money is an excellent reason for to shop around for mortgage quotes.

Much of the work that goes into a mortgage quote is done by the lender. The loan officer uses your information to determine how much of a credit risk you are and whether or not that risk is acceptable.

Being honest on your mortgage loans applications is one of the best things you can do to receive a reasonable mortgage quote. Since this information will be verified later on, it is best to be honest upfront.

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July 11, 2007

Tips for data security

Question every request for personal details when making a purchase, joining an internet forum, filling in an insurance or credit application. Refuse to provide any details you see no valid reason for. Do not confirm your identity, address or household to call centers that get through blocks on your phone, just hang up. Don't take part in "surveys", don't use postal votes. Don't enter "competitions" which require name and address or family circumstances.
Put unopened junk mail back into letter boxes, buy and use a shredder, limit the number of "loyalty cards".
Ask your bank and insurance company what use they make of your details (the latter won't reply).