October 31, 2007

5.11 Tactical Pants

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Justice over terrorism in Spain

A Spanish court has delivered guilty verdicts on four of the leading defendants in the trial of suspects in the Madrid train bombings of March 2004. Four men were found guilty of planning and carrying out the attacks and given 30 years for each of the 191 people killed and 18 years for each of the 1,841 injured.

Obviously very little can be done to relieve the victims of terror nonsense, as you can't bring the deceased back to life. However, I'm happy the process has ended after having studied and verified or refuted all the evidence at the courtroom, in a fair trial with all the legal guaranties. That represents the true victory of the Rule of Law and of the democratic values we stand for. Responding to terror with more terror can't be the answer, and If we did so, those criminals would have won.

The Illinois pedigree

Graduates of Southeastern Illinois College have a history of becoming influential figures in Illinois politics. Former Illinois congressman David Phelps graduated from Southeastern in 1967. From there, he went on to Southern Illinois University and got a degree in social studies in 1969. Phelps spent the next few years as an educator. After working as a teacher, he became a school administrator. Phelps began his career in politics as a member of the Illinois General Assembly, where he worked for 15 years. In 1998, Phelps was elected to represent the 19th district of Illinois in the United States Congress as a Democrat. He served in the House of Representatives until 2003 when his district was redrawn to include some of the more conservative areas of southern Illinois.

October 30, 2007

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Service Employees International Union carries in Democratic politics

For an idea of the influence that the Service Employees International Union carries in Democratic politics, consider that former President Bill Clinton phoned a 17-member committee of the union’s New Hampshire operation last Monday to extol his wife’s record on issues that are important to the labor movement. Mr. Clinton’s seven-minute pitch was just one way in which the Democratic presidential candidates are courting that 1.9 million-member union, whose financial and organizational clout are much-sought prizes not just in the race for the White House but also in Congressional and state contests. While the national union has not endorsed a presidential candidate, its state councils have been freed to do so.

Black sheep of Czech national politics

Scandals seem to stick well on Deputy Prime Minister Jiri Cunek, a black sheep of Czech national politics. Three months have not yet passed since prosecutors dropped a case in which the vice-premier was accused of allegedly taking a bribe, and now he is facing a scandal over his finances yet again. Public broadcaster Czech Television reported in its investigation programme on Monday night that Cunek deposited 3.5 million koruny (187,567 dollars) in three banks in 1998 when his family of six was also receiving various welfare benefits such as child and housing support. Now touring his Senate district in southern Moravia, Cunek has refused further comment, since "the report is a subject of a criminal complaint" lodged with the police, said Martin Horalek, the spokesman for Cunek's Christian Democrats. He declined to go into details.

The Czech Television reporter, citing documents, said that he stands by the story. The latest scandal is once again rocking Cunek's cabinet career. The chairman of the Social Democratic caucus in the Senate demanded Tuesday that he resign from the government.

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External recognition is the Nepal policy

External recognition, it seems, is a much more important factor in Nepal's politics than internal legitimacy. In October 2002, the international community including India endorsed King Gyanendra when he sacked an elected prime minister for his failure to hold elections to Parliament on schedule. But in April 2006, the international community decisively rejected King Gyanendra's complete takeover bid. In fact, this turned into a major morale booster for the demoralised political parties that came together and mobilised people against the king. G.P. Koirala, who became prime minister after April 2006 following the success of that mass movement, is now fast losing crucial international support as he has missed two deadlines to hold elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA). Besides, the country's law and order situation is in a shambles.

In the absence of an election in the near future, international support has become all the more crucial for Koirala's survival. So long as key international players — India, US, China, European Union and United Nations — were agreed about assisting in charting out Nepal's future political course (through the CA elections), things seemed to be moving in the right direction. But there are visible differences in the approach of international players towards Koirala's failure to hold elections, though they are all clear that a fair and fearless election is urgent.

Merkel said she plans to boost relations with India

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she plans to boost relations with India in the areas of business, science and politics. Merkel, on her first visit to India, was to meet with the country's top leaders Tuesday. The two countries will sign agreements in defense cooperation, science and technology and intellectual property rights. Merkel told reporters after a ceremonial reception at India's presidential palace that she hoped her visit would enhance "the very strong relationship between India and Germany," and that the two nations would see increased cooperation in the fields of politics, economics and science.

An Indo-German Science and Technology Research Center will be created to facilitate cooperation in industrial and basic research, said India's External Affairs Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna.

Democracy for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is in the UK for a state visit, the first by a Saudi monarch for 20 years. Like the Shah of Iran and the Emir of Kuwait, the Saudi monarch is from a family that was handpicked by Western powers to rule their nation in Western interests. Democracy, human rights, freedom - these were not on the agenda. The priority was always the flow of oil - and to hell with the locals. I am American, I love freedom, I dislike the Saudi monarch because is a regime of terror and oppression. I demand democracy for Saudi Arabia.

Turkish helicopters blasted suspected Kurdish rebels

Turkish Cobra attack helicopters blasted suspected Kurdish rebel targets near the southeastern border with Iraq in a second day of fighting in the area. The prime minister said an escalation of military action was unavoidable. Three soldiers and six rebels have been killed in fighting, according to local news reports. As the military pressure continued, the government called a Cabinet meeting to discuss possible economic measures against groups supporting the Kurdish rebels.

Turkey is reportedly considering a string of economic actions against the self-governing Kurdish administration in Iraq's north, where rebels are based. The region is heavily reliant on Turkish electricity and food imports, as well as Turkish investment in construction.

October 29, 2007

North Cyprus Property

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Chavez is searching the nuclear bomb for Iran

Syria, Iran and Venezuela will sign a partnership agreement on constructing a crude oil refinery with a capacity of 140,000 barrels per day near the midland city of Homs, which will be followed by founding a joint company for carrying out studies and implementing the project. In addition to the three countries, the Malaysian Al-Bukhari Group will participate in the construction of the refinery, the statement added.
Iran's Assistant Minister of Petroleum, Venezuela's Assistant Minister of Energy and Chairman of Al-Bukhari Group are set to arrive in Damascus on Monday to sign the agreement and visit the location of the refinery at Al-Farkalas region east of Homs, about 160 km north of the capital Damascus.
The next energy agreement will be to exchange the technology of argentine atomic bomb to the Iranian regime. Hugo Chavez (Venezuelan president) is the broker in this crime; he is trying to help Iran develop the nuclear bomb.

Exxon Valdez reopen

The US Supreme Court said it would examine the legality under maritime law of damages of 2.5 billion dollars awarded against ExxonMobil for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil tanker disaster. It is the latest twist in a long-running saga which began when the Exxon Valdez crashed into a reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989 spilling 11 million gallons of crude into the waters. It was the worst oil disaster ever to hit the United States, and afterwards ExxonMobil spent some 2.1 billion dollars cleaning up the polluted coastline and more than 300 million in compensation for fishermen and locals affected by the catastrophe. The company also paid out more than 900 million dollars of fines in a bid to halt criminal proceedings begun against it by the US government and the state of Alaska.

October 27, 2007


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Market is skyrocketing in Brazil

Shares of Brazil's Bovespa stock exchange soared Friday after setting a Brazilian initial public offering record, drawing in so many dollars from foreign buyers that Brazil's currency rose sharply against the greenback. Shares of Bovespa - Brazil's principle exchange - rose 39 percent as they began trading following a long-awaited IPO that raised $3.7 billion for the exchange's owners. The exchange's shares opened at $17.77 per share, far above Thursday's $12.77 per share IPO price. Bovespa sold 288 million shares in the IPO and demand was so strong internationally that dollars poured into Brazil, flooding the market with greenbacks.

The Bovespa is owned by a group of 292 banks, brokerages and individual investors who are expected to pocket the proceeds of the IPO. Among its biggest stake holders are Grupo Itau, the controlling shareholder of Brazilian bank Banco Itau SA, and Grupo Santander Banespa, a Brazilian division of Spain's Banco Santander SA

Mexico's central bank unexpectedly raised interest rates

Mexico's central bank unexpectedly raised interest rates and said inflation will take longer to retreat than policy makers previously estimated. The five-member board, led by Governor Guillermo Ortiz, lifted the benchmark rate a quarter percentage point to 7.50 percent, surprising 22 of 29 economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The peso climbed to a three-month high. Inflation hasn't slowed as quickly as the central bank predicted in May, when it said the rate would fall to 3 percent by the end of next year. Today, the bank revised its outlook to estimate the target won't be reached until the end of 2009 because of rising food prices and higher taxes approved by Congress last month. It also dropped its ``restrictive bias,'' hinting it doesn't intend to follow with more increases.

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Diplomats to serve in Iraq

The US State Department announced it will force diplomats to serve in Iraq to fill a growing number of vacant positions at its embassy in Baghdad on threat of dismissal. The department has not received applications for about 50 of 250 Baghdad jobs to be filled by mid-2008, said Harry Thomas, the department's director of human resources.

Between 200 to 300 diplomats have been identified as potential candidates and will receive a letter ordering them to apply for a Baghdad position. The targeted diplomats will have 10 days to reply. After the deadline passes, a panel will directly appoint diplomats.

fairly troubling

Russian President Vladimir Putin's hardline rhetoric against US missile defense plans in Europe is "fairly troubling" and at odds with his private comments to US officials, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said. At a summit with EU leaders in Portugal earlier Friday, Putin likened the dispute over missile defense to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis and said Washington was creating "threats" near its borders.

Asked about it after a speech at Texas A and M University, Gates said he was unsure sure what to make of Putin's public remarks. Gates said Putin had reacted positively to US proposals at a meeting in Moscow earlier this month.


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Thai politics

DIRT is beginning to fly as Thai politics revert to pre-Thai Rak Thai-era type campaigning - a multi-party landscape marked by money and mudslinging. The Royal Decree scheduling the election for Dec 23 took effect on Thursday. That means individual candidates can start registering to contest for the 480-seat parliament from Nov 7 to 11. Parties will register their 'party list' candidates from Nov 12 to 16. These are candidates who do not run in individual constituencies, but get into Parliament on the basis of the overall number of votes that their party wins in the election. Until the last day of registration, all bets are off on the configuration of the party alliances. And even these alliances may be subjected to considerable adjustment after the election results, which analysts say will most likely to lead to a coalition government. Meanwhile, fur is already flying and the campaign looks set to be nasty. Politicians with firm support bases are said to be charging up to 40 million Baht to change parties. Ideology and personal loyalties do not count for much, says political analyst Nattakorn Devakula, pointing to the Matchima party which he describes as an 'unholy alliance' of Somsak Thepsuthin ? a former Thaksin Shinawatra loyalist ? and businessman Prachai Leophairatna ? a sworn enemy of the ousted prime minister.

Argentine politics is monarKia.

In the run up to the Argentine presidential election on October 28, the new buzzword of Argentine politics is “monarKia.” Competitors of Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a presidential hopeful and the wife of the incumbent President Néstor Kirchner, coined the word, using “K” from “Kirchner” to alert the public that the couple is attempting to create a dynasty together. Cristina is the runaway leader among the 14 candidates for the presidential election.

According to Argentine media outlet Angus Reid Global Monitor, an opinion poll released yesterday showed that Cristina, from the center-left Front for Victory (FV) Party, was favored by 44.3 percent of respondents, surpassing Elisa Carrio from the Civic Coalition Party (CC), who garnered 15.7 percent. Her popularity has been steady since August. According to Argentine law, the country confirms the election of a winner in the first round of an election if he or she either garners more than 45 percent of the vote or obtains more than 40 percent of the vote and outperformed the candidate in the second place by more than 10 percentage points.

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Philippine president Joseph Estrada come back

Free for the first time in six-and-a-half years, ousted president Joseph Estrada thanked his successor for pardoning him and vowed yesterday to stay out of “dirty politics” while dedicating the rest of his life to helping the poor. The former action star’s first hours of freedom played out live on national television like a scene from one of his old films, which won him legions of fans for his portrayals of underdog heroes. Estrada’s joyous release from house arrest was followed by a speech to thousands of cheering supporters in Manila’s San Juan district, where he once served as mayor, then a bedside visit to his ailing 102-year-old mother and a dinner of his favorite dishes. His wife said she was making rice cake and paella. Estrada was convicted last month on graft charges and given a life sentence. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo pardoned him on Thursday. Estrada thanked Arroyo, reiterated his wish to live the life of a “plain citizen” and, in a turnaround from previous attacks on the administration, urged his supporters to back Arroyo’s programmes to combat poverty and hunger. Arroyo’s spokesman, Ignacio Bunye, said the pardon restored Estrada’s civil and political rights.

Blair in Canada

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair used his first public visit to Canada since retiring from politics four months ago to heap praise on almost everything Canadian -- from its cities and soldiers to its energy reserves and wine. Blair told a sold-out, lunchtime event in Calgary on Friday that Canada's role on the international stage is destined to grow. Blair's wide-ranging speech touched on a variety of challenges facing the world, drawing on insights from his decade as prime minister and his new role as Middle East envoy for the United Nations, the European Union, the U.S. and Russia.

He said globalization is happening "at an enormous pace'' and is now a fact of life. He cited a recent $5-billion foray into the Canadian oilpatch by the Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. as proof of the inter-dependence of today's world.

October 25, 2007

World Series tickets

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Iran appears to the next Iraq

When it comes to presidential politics, Iran appears to the next Iraq. While it hasn't pushed aside the war in Iraq, the debate over sanctions against Iran and the possibility of military action against Tehran is gathering steam on the campaign trail. Democratic candidates expressed concern Thursday about the Bush administration's extensive sanctions against Iran, arguing that the measures were likely precursors to war. The new sanctions target Iran's Revolutionary Guard, its Quds force and a number of Iranian banks and people the U.S. accuses of backing nuclear proliferation and terror-related activities.

Kyl-Lieberman amendment made the case for President Bush that we need to use our military presence in Iraq to counter Iran -- a case that has nothing to do with sanctioning the Revolutionary Guard.

Saratoga Springs politics

This semester, a group of Skidmore students are getting up close and personal with Saratoga Springs politics. The students have not been to any City Council meetings yet, but they have attended debates and many have spoken to candidates. They also read articles in the local newspapers, both what brings in to class and on their own, and blogs. The dozen freshmen will each use one of the dozen candidates running for city office as a case study for a paper assignment. This involves interviewing the candidates and some students have also gone out on the campaign trail with their matches.

Sea World vacation

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U.S. bishops will offer an updated statement on faith and politics

The U.S. bishops will offer an updated statement on faith and politics after their general meeting next month, ahead of the 2008 election year. The proposed statement focuses on the bishops' role in helping to form consciences in political life. Statements on political life have been released by the bishops every four years for about three decades.

The draft to be discussed in November explains the necessity of opposing actions that are intrinsically wrong, such as abortion and euthanasia, and affirms the obligation to promote the common good by combating such threats to human life and dignity as hunger, poverty, racism, unjust immigration policies and unjust war.

Winston Peters says he is like Muhammad Ali

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says he is like the Muhammad Ali of politics and will come back from behind again. NZ First holds its annual conference in Taupo this weekend, lagging in the polls with the next election a year away. An average of recent polls puts NZ First on 2.75 percent, well below the 5 percent of votes needed to guarantee a return to Parliament. Mr Peters told NZPA he was not concerned, his party was in good heart and he was ready to fight another election campaign.

In 1999, NZ First survived the backlash from its coalition deal with National and its collapse, getting back into Parliament solely due to Mr Peters slim majority in Tauranga. In subsequent elections, Mr Peters led NZ First back into Parliament after suffering similar mid-term polling blues. Mr Peters believes NZ First can do it again.

October 24, 2007

Truck accessories

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More soldiers for Afghanistan

The United States is pressing its Nato allies to provide more soldiers for the military operation in Afghanistan. The Americans currently provide about half the 35,000 Nato soldiers in Afghanistan, where resurgent Taleban militants are fighting in the south.

Judging by the number of NATO casualties in Afghanistan, it is clear that only the USA, UK and Canada have seen active duties while others, such as Turkey with its large army, have managed to keep their soldiers away from the front lines. I believe the time is right to rationalize NATO and to eject these non-combative countries for their lack of intestinal fortitude. NATO is a military alliance. Fighting is not optional.

McCain contrasts images of Woodstock and his years as a Vietnam

Republican John McCain contrasts images of Woodstock and his years as a Vietnam prisoner of war in a new television ad that pokes fun at Democratic rival Hillary Rodham Clinton. The commercial, set to air on New Hampshire television, decries a proposal, since scrapped, to spend $1 million for a museum in Bethel, N.Y., site of the August 1969 rock festival. Clinton and her fellow New York senator, Chuck Schumer, had backed the plan. The ad highlights McCain's criticism of excessive Washington spending, reminds voters of the Arizona senator's decorated war record and shows off his humor.

The 30-second ad is running in Boston and Manchester, N.H., media markets through Nov. 4 at a cost of more than $100,000, according to data obtained by another presidential campaign.

Refinancing your Home Equity Loan

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The idea of the missile defense system starting a new Cold War is absurd

The idea of the missile defense system starting a new Cold War is absurd tosh. Putin and anyone else who can read and has some faint grasp of geography knows, or ought to, that even assuming the system actually was capable of hitting a rocket in flight (it isn't) it isn't in the right place to defend against any attack from Russia. Secondly nobody in Europe or America has to worry about Russia, and Russia doesn't have to worry about America or any European country. This is all just an excuse for Vlad to flap his lips and for the lefties to wring their hands and worry about Vlad's hurt feelings. Pathetic.

A good result for Poland

A good result for Poland that was being sidelined by extremists. Now the country can start afresh and try consensus with it's neighbors and not the confrontation of the Kazinsky led cabal. Poland is in a good position geographically being close to two big economic players Germany and Russia. It has the EU pouring vast sums into the country and the infrastructure is growing fast. Poles at least deserve some real benefits from this and the PO will do this.

When the Kaczinsky brothers are finally out of office, they can always come to Russia. We need such outspoken leaders and conviction politicians -- Putin's much too soft on the "West" for my liking.

Iraqi government determined to expel the Blackwater USA security company

The Iraqi government remains determined to expel the Blackwater USA security company and is searching for legal remedies to overturn an American-imposed decree that exempts all foreign bodyguards from prosecution under local laws. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government accepted the findings of an Iraqi investigative committee that determined Blackwater guards, without provocation, killed 17 Iraqis last month in Nisoor Square in western Baghdad. Iraqi investigators declared that Blackwater should be expelled and $8 million should be paid as compensation for each victim. The Cabinet decided to establish a committee to find ways to repeal a 2004 directive issued by L. Paul Bremer, chief of the former U.S. occupation government in Iraq. The order placed private security companies outside Iraqi law.

Independent financial advisor

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Thousands of pacific students attacked by the authoritarian government of Hugo Chavez

Thousands of university students scuffled with police and government's terrorist during a protest against constitutional reforms that would let dictator Hugo Chavez run for re-election indefinitely and will mitigate rights from the actual constitution –freedom of association, freedom of speech and right to private property-

Police tossed tear gas canisters and fire guns into the crowd of opposition students after bottle-throwing clashes broke out with a smaller group of pro-Chavez criminals near the National Assembly. Journalists estimated there were about 200,000 protesters. Chavez, who was fraudulent re-elected last year on promises of revolutionary change, said the reforms are necessary to accelerate Venezuela's transition to communism. The Chavez government is the most corrupt and authoritarian in the last 100 years of Venezuelan history.

Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships attacked Kurdish rebels

Turkish warplanes and helicopter gunships reportedly attacked positions of Kurdish rebels just inside Turkey along the border with Iraq, as Turkey's military stepped up its anti-rebel operations.

As the military stepped up its anti-rebel operations, civilian and military leaders discussed the scope and duration of a possible cross-border offensive — a move that Turkey's Western allies are trying to prevent. Several F-16 warplanes loaded with bombs took off from an air base in southeastern city of Diyarbakir, private Dogan news agency and local reporters said. The warplanes and helicopter gunships bombed mountain paths used by rebels to infiltrate from neighboring Iraq.

October 23, 2007

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Opposition to Canada-South Korea trade deal

Fearing Canada is preparing to sign a free trade deal with South Korea, the Canadian Auto Workers has called on the three opposition parties in Ottawa to vote down any agreement in order to save Canadian jobs. CAW president Buzz Hargrove and municipal leaders from such Ontario manufacturing towns as Windsor, St. Catharines and Woodstock met with MPs from all four parties armed with an internal analysis that predicts the trade deal would cost over 33,000 jobs. South Korean and Canadian negotiators met in Ottawa last week and are scheduled to meet again in Seoul at the end of November for the 12th round in talks. I believe the two countries are close to penning a deal.

Iran and EU nuclear meeting

Iranian negotiators and the EU hope for more talks on Iran's nuclear program in coming weeks after a "constructive" meeting, despite a warning by Iran's president that his country would not retreat "one iota." The first meeting with Western diplomats for Iran's newly-appointed chief negotiator Saeed Jalili was overshadowed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's rejection of calls to suspend uranium enrichment -- the key demand of the U.N. Security Council. Iran's refusal to halt work that can be used to make fuel for power plants or, if it wants, material for warheads, has prompted two sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions. The West fears Iran's nuclear program could be aimed at making bombs.

Pleasure Beach

Thinking about a theme park vacation? Take a look on the Blackpool Pleasure Beach (UK). This amusement park provides affordable entertainment for the widest variety of people, regardless of age or physical capability. Anyone from toddlers to the elderly, from thrill-seekers to the defiantly sedate, can enjoy themselves at this Theme Park UK.

They have there an immense range of entertainment. So, no matter when you visit it, plan on arriving at Pleasure Beach in the morning just before it opens, to get the most out of your day. Visit the most popular rides early, before lines build up.

And remember to make a good plan in advance.

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Kurd matter

History divided Kurd people between, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. All these three countries have curtailed the freedom of Kurd people. No one is ready to give them equal rights like other citizen. Now time is to come for settlement of Kurd matter. They should have at least their own state where they can live with freedom.

The Kurds want to rule themselves and at least to some degree they should be allowed to do so, just as the Welsh, Scots and the Irish have their own ruling body within their country boundary. Kurdistan is split up. Can the occupying countries let that happen? I don't think so, consequently the troubles will continue.

Science and politics on stem cell research

The Regenerative Bioscience Center discussed the relationship and impact of science and politics on stem cell research and technology. In 2001, there were more than 50 stem cell lines for research worldwide. That number has since dwindled to 20 source lines, with three at BresaGen Inc. in Athens.

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) on proposed legislation to continue and advance stem cell research. The bill allows isolation of stem cells from leftover cells from fertility clinics. The research could help the environment. Research is being conducted with the Navy research lab to examine how stem cells can help detect environmental threats through neurotoxins and nerve agents, which in turn could aid national security.

Autonet Van Insurance

Did you know that most people are not getting the best price for their auto insurance? Perhaps it's easier to stay with the agent you've always known, or you don't want to spend the time calling each agent individually. Whatever the excuse, procrastinating could be costing you hundreds of dollars.

The truth is auto insurance companies are competing for your business, meaning you could easily be offered a better price than what you pay now. Finding what's available for you is easier than you think. Autonet Insurance Group specializes in making the process of researching Cheap Van Insurance UK quick and easy. And their customers save a lot on their auto insurance contract.

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The Mo Ibrahim Prize

The Mo Ibrahim Prize has been presented to former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano for the excellence of his leadership. Excellent prize and Mo Ibrahim is to be applauded for rewarding good governance in the face of massive challenges with his own money. A lot of leaders hold onto power or embezzle money to accumulate a nest egg because they fear for their security when they retire as they inevitably make enemies in their reign (usually from those in opposition). I am not condoning this but to have this prize as an additional encouragement is a good thing and will help to break the cycle of corruption.

Nigeria: Shekarau warned candidates

Kano State Governor Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau has warned candidates vying for the council leadership in the November 14 elections to desist from money politics as anyone found promoting the vice will not be allowed to participate. The governor also charged the ANPP leadership and other stakeholders in the state to present only credible candidates during the elections, saying there was the need for the party and delegates participating in the primary elections to ensure the presentation of reliable people in the management of communities at the grass roots. Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, while swearing in newly appointed sole administrators for the 44 local governments in Kano last Friday, advised that the delegates should shun any forms of favouritism in the process of fielding any candidate.

Vacation or business trip in Blackpool

If you are planning an upcoming vacation or business trip in Blackpool, UK, it's a good idea to put some thought into your hotel selection before making any final reservations. Remember that hotels serve as your home away from home when you're traveling, and selecting the right hotel will make any trip much more enjoyable. You must know that the staff of the Hotel Blackpool will be welcoming and accommodating. They understand that you want to stay in a place that is comfortable, clean, safe, and where the staff is friendly and helpful. This hotel has rooms that are warms and inviting, comfortable to live in and spotlessly cleans.

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The security barrier is a fence

Flying by helicopter along the entire northern half of Israel's security barrier sealing off most of the West Bank to lock out Palestinian suicide bombers brings home clearly a simple truth almost never mentioned in the U.S. and European media -- the security barrier is a fence, not a wall. Flying over the entire length of the barrier, or fence, from Tel Aviv east to Jerusalem then north again up to the Jordan Valley just south of the Sea of Galilee, or Lake Kinneret, gives a clear overview of the fence. Most of the Israeli security barrier surrounding Gaza is also a fence rather than wall. There are indeed areas where concrete walls have been erected, but for very specific and clear reasons -- to prevent Palestinian snipers from shooting at and killing Israeli civilians in Israel proper.

Lebanon politics and Facebook

Lebanese politics notoriously are cumbersome and convoluted. Monday, squabbling politicians again delayed a decision on choosing a new president, this time putting it off until Nov. 12. The deadline before the country is hurtled into a constitutional crisis is Nov. 24, when President Emile Lahoud is scheduled to step down. But while the Lebanese have been slow to pick a president, they have been quick to take on new fads — especially Facebook. The social networking Web site rapidly has taken on a life of its own among the outgoing and chatty Lebanese. Lebanese have headed to Facebook with enthusiasm. The Web site’s Lebanon network includes 125,000 members, about one for every 32 residents of the country. For comparison’s sake, Israel has about 90,000 Facebook members, or one for every 70 residents, whereas gigantic Egypt has 180,000, or one for every 437 residents.

Lebanese Facebook members include grandmothers, scuba divers and sports-car drivers. Neither men nor women are too shy to show off exposed bellies, sultry pouts or bare shoulders. Now one of the main contenders for the Lebanese presidency, Nassib Lahoud, has brought his candidacy to Facebook. His online group, “Nassib Lahoud for President,” has drawn 2,500 members.

Electronic shopping software

Whether you are starting or upgrading a small business or a full retail shopping site the Shopping Carts of Ashop Commerce can power your entire online storefront. This Complete Web Store solution lets you run your entire online business at a lower overall cost - including your Web store, real-time inventory management, live analytics and affiliate/referrer sales. Ashop shopping carts can easily mimic the look, feel and usability of any ecommerce powerhouse site.

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Shopping cart software is what ecommerce powered sites use to enable people to make purchases online. Sites which have this electronic shopping software allow online shopping customers to put items (read products) into a shopping basket which stores the contents in an online "cart". Upon "checkout" the ecommerce software calculates a total for the order including shipping and handling (i.e. postage and packing) and taxes, if applicable.

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Africa is a continent with amazing natural resources

Africa is a continent with amazing natural resources. As Sunday Dare, a Nigerian journalist writes, "From the oil fields of the Niger Delta in Nigeria, to the diamond and copper fields of Sierra Leone, Angola, and Liberia, to the rich mineral deposits of the Great Lakes region, to the mountain ranges, plains and tourist havens of the East African countries, the continent of Africa is undoubtedly blessed." From these blessings, however, sorrow also has flowed. Africa today is a continent in crisis. To understand why most African countries have remained mired in disastrous political, economic and humanitarian crises since the late 1980s, it is important to recognize the internal dynamics of African states as well as the external influences that help to explain Africa's failure.

First of all, much of the blame for Africa's downward spiral of violence and humanitarian disasters belongs to generations of corrupted African leaders and warlords, who have done little, if anything, to develop their countries' economy or emancipate their people. After decades of dictatorial rule, economic mismanagement, political gangsterism and never-ending coups d'etat, most African countries are in terrible shape.

Opening the comunist Cuba

U.S. Cellular has announced it has recently completed construction of a cellular site in Cuba as part of an ongoing effort to expand its central Illinois network. This investment adds to the extensive statewide network of more than 1,400 U.S. Cellular cell sites. U.S. Cellular ranked highest overall in the North Central Region with fewer problems in call clarity, ease of connection, dropped or disconnected calls, static and voice distortion. U.S. Cellular has received the award for four consecutive reporting periods in the region that includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The new site in Cuba will provide better call quality and additional capacity to serve the growing numbers of cell phone users in the area. U.S. Cellular has a team of engineers who continually test the area for network quality, review network data and respond to customer feedback to determine locations for new cell sites. Each site provides coverage and calling capacity for an area. When a customer makes a call, the U.S. Cellular phone transmits the caller’s voice to the nearest cell site, which then sends the call through the telephone network, where it is delivered to the receiver.

October 22, 2007

Restrict how much you can consume

If you are trying to loss weight, take a look at the lapband surgery. This procedure squeezes closed the upper part of the stomach with an inflatable belt. Patients quickly feel full after eating a little.

Called the Lap-Band adjustable gastric banding system, the device consists of a silicone band that cuffs tightly around the upper stomach to create a small gastric pouch. The belt restricts how much a patient can consume.

Lap band surgery requires no cutting of the stomach. In fact, this weight loss surgery moves rather quickly. Small incisions are made into the skin, and then the lap bands are placed into the body through the incision. The procedure only takes around an hour and the patient get to return home the following day.

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Venezuela dictatorship changed US for China

Venezuela long time ago stopped looking at the United States as the ideal market for its oil sales. After a general strike in 2002-2003, Venezuela managed to take oil exports to the United States to a peak of 1.55 million bpd. However, as of 2004 oil shipments to the US have been declining steadily. Between 2004 and the first half to 2007, Venezuelan sales of crude oil and byproducts fell 194,000 bpd, according to the US Department of Energy. In parallel, energy relations between Venezuela and China have been flourishing. Despite the distance between the two countries, the need to go through the Panama Canal to take oil tankers from Venezuela to China, and the lack of refineries suitable to process heavy, high-sulfur content crude oil from Venezuela, the Venezuelan state-run oil firm Pdvsa sold China an unprecedented amount of 359,000 bpd in September. Pdvsa's Marketing and Supply Division provided the figures to daily newspaper El Universal. Based on the data, Venezuela has shipped an average of 197,000 bpd of crude oil and byproducts to China so far this year.

Indonesia`s gas supply policy

Japanese businessmen grouped in Nippon Keidanren (Kadin`s Japanese counterpart) have started to wonder about Indonesia`s gas supply policy after the Indonesian government prioritized the meeting its domestic needs, rather than exports to Japan. Chairman of Nippon Keidanren Fuji Mitarai told chairman of the Regional Representatives Council DPD) Ginandjar Kartasasmita about this development in Tokyo on Monday afternoon, when the two met at the Keidanren head office in Otemachi prefecture. Ginandjar is in Tokyo to hand President Susilo Bambang Yudhyono`s personal letter to Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, an old friend during the New Order administration. Indonesia and Japan are currently engaged in bargaining in the energy sector. And Vice President Jusuf Kalla when on a visit to Tokyo by the end of May this year, have also touched on this sector.

Wedding's gifts

Bridesmaids' gifts are given by the bride to her bridesmaids and maid of honor as a permanent keepsake of the wedding. The best gifts are those that can be used both during and after the wedding, such as wedding cameras

For bridesmaid gifts, consider items of jewelry that can be worn during the wedding to give your wedding party a coordinated and elegant look. Choose the collection that most fits your style, and then select the type and color of stone to match the color of your flowers and/or bridesmaids dresses. I believe this is the perfect bridesmaids' gift.

Bridesmaids' gifts are usually presented at the bridesmaids' luncheon, if there is one, or at the rehearsal dinner. The gift to the maid of honor may be similar to the bridesmaids' gifts but should be a bit more expensive.

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The US dollar set fresh record-lows against the euro

The US dollar set fresh record-lows against the euro before a substantial reversal in later currency trading, posting its largest single-day rally since May 31, 2005. Forex speculators initially sold the greenback on news that the weekend’s key G7 summit failed to specifically mention dollar weakness in its official statement. Yet traders scrambled to cover US dollar short positioning through a later rout in European equity markets. A virtually empty economic calendar left currency markets to react to shifts in overall risk sentiment, and a sharp downturn in European equity markets encouraged over-leveraged speculators to scale back extended forex positioning.

US military bases in Lebanon would be considered a hostile act.

The militant group Hezbollah warned against the alleged creation of US military bases in Lebanon, saying the foreign troops would be treated as "occupation forces." Hezbollah's guerrilla warfare forced Israeli troops to end 22 years of occupation in southern Lebanon in 2000. The pro-Syrian Lebanese newspaper As Safir reported that Washington had lodged an official request with the Beirut government for the creation of US army bases in Lebanon. Although the Lebanese government denied the information the same day, Hezbollah continued to warn against any such alleged plans. Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said the creation of US military bases in Lebanon would be considered a "hostile act."

Telemarketing Lists

Mailing lists allow you to setup special email addresses on the mail server which will allow you to quickly send emails to large numbers of email accounts. The lists can contain both local and external email addresses as well as being setup to deliver to all users within a particular local domain or group.

Telemarketing Lists from Martin Worldwide are designed to be simple to set up but also remain secure. The available security options allow you to restrict the number of deliveries per day. Mailing lists can also manage delivery email addresses, allowing users to automatically add or remove themselves.

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Keep their troops in Kosovo

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates called for NATO members to keep their troops in Kosovo after a December 10 deadline for a decision on the future of the disputed province. Talks run by the European Union, Russia and the United States are due to be concluded by December 10 under a deadline set by the UN Security Council. Russia backs Serbia's opposition to US and EU calls for independence for the breakaway Serbian province. The province, whose ethnic Albanians make up 90 percent of the population, has been administered by a UN mission since mid-1999, after a NATO bombing campaign ended the brutal crackdown by Serbian forces against Albanian separatists.

China blocked a US request for the World Trade Organisation

China blocked a US request for the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to rule on a complaint that Beijing restricts the import of cultural goods such as books, music and DVDs. The US asked that the complaint be investigated by the WTO's Dispute Settlement Body but China blocked the move, as it is allowed to do under the global trade body's rules. However, should the US renew its request at the next DSB meeting on November 19, it will be automatically adopted. The case focuses on China's legal structure that prevents US companies in China from importing books, music, videos and other protected goods on their own and requires them instead to work through state-approved or state-run companies.

October 15, 2007

Check Into Cash offers

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Australian PM is seeking a fifth term in office

Mr Howard is seeking a fifth term in office but analysts are predicting a heavy defeat for the veteran PM after 11 years in power. He is trailing far behind his Labor opponent Kevin Rudd after nine months of dismal polls. Many countries in the world constitutionally forbid anyone become the head of the state more than twice. For Mr. Howard it would be his fifth time to attempt to become the PM of Australia. Such practices have been found to make a fellow lust for power forever and thus there can be fear of declaration of monarchy on his or her part. So, the Australian people should opt for a new suitable one to steer their country in a safe.

Putin pledged to negotiate with Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to negotiate with Iran on behalf of the international community in their nuclear standoff, although he didn't come to Tehran as scheduled amid warnings of a possible assassination plot. Putin's planned trip, the first here by a Kremlin leader since World War II, raised hopes that personal diplomacy could find a solution to the impasse over the Iranian nuclear program, but he delayed his arrival, which had been set for Monday evening. The Russian leader insisted to reporters in Germany that he was going ahead with the trip, but the Kremlin declined to discuss details. The official Iranian news agency said that Putin had only put off his trip by several hours and would be in Tehran early Tuesday in time for a Caspian region summit.

EdealFinder.com coupons

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China can turn on a dime

China unlike India or the US because of its form of government can turn on a dime by a decision made at this time. Ironically it will be the ultimate falling short of people's expectations if government there does not use this opportunity to address global warming in a way no other nation currently has the power to do. China because of the buy in of corporations from all around the world now has the power to influence when or even if global warming will take off on its own. The last of freedom.

Systems are not immune to change.

Two outsiders

Twenty years ago, when a black man was running for president and a woman was considering it, the two were viewed mainly through the prism of identity politics: What would Jesse Jackson's campaign mean to black political ascendancy? What did Pat Schroeder mean to the women's movement? Neither really expected to win; both were most valuable as spot checks for the state of the American psyche when it came to minorities and political power. Schroeder's testing of the waters is remembered chiefly for the tears she cried when she announced she wouldn't run.

Now, the two top candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination are a woman, Hillary Clinton, and a black man, Barack Obama. Both fully expect to win. Both embrace their identities, but that's hardly the driving force of either candidacy.

October 12, 2007

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Missile defense system. Russia role and rogue states threat.

Russia urges West not to build an anti-missile shield
Russia claims all the resources of the arctic as their own.
Russian heavy bombers again flying over Europe.
Mysterious deaths of Russian journalists and dissidents.
Strange poisoning of a Russian in Britain using 20 million dollars of rare isotope made only in the USSR.
The poisoning of the Ukrainian President.
Russia opposes sanctions on Iran.
Russia shuts off gas supplies to Europe Mid-Winter
Is anyone else suspicious beside myself

If a missile defense system can be made really effective and incorporate Russia it would be horribly expensive, but perhaps justified 'long term'. I remember that even the ancient missiles used by Iraq were capable of reaching targets in Israel with fair accuracy. Let's not 'mince words' here. The 'rogue states' in question are the Islamic ones of the Middle East who regard the West as an enemy. For the next decade or so securing ourselves against any such threat is a justifiable priority.

President Bush in Florida

President Bush mixes business and politics on a trip to Florida. He'll be attending a private luncheon for the Republican National Committee and delivering a Miami speech on trade policy before heading to his ranch in Texas. Bush plans to issue a new warning against protectionism. The White House says rather than fear competition from abroad, Americans should embrace it. The president says it's good for the United States and good for America's neighbors. Specifically, Bush will be urging Congress to approve trade deals with Peru, Colombia and Panama.

Democrats have been sounding an anti-trade theme on the presidential campaign trail. John Edwards has denounced it as bad for U.S. workers. And even Hillary Clinton has called for re-examination of the NAFTA accord that was negotiated in the 90s by her husband.

October 3, 2007

Get emergency cash

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US senators demanded intense US pressure on China and India to help Myanmar

US senators demanded intense US pressure on China and India to force them to sever ties with Myanmar's junta after a violent crackdown on democracy protests. High-profile lawmakers wanted to know how the United States could leverage its relationship with the two giant powers, during a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Asia-Pacific subcommittee.

Kerry, the defeated 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, warned that if China did not use its close economic relationship with Myanmar to demand political change, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing would be under a "cloud." Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell, author of legislation imposing US economic sanctions on Myanmar, also complained that global efforts to pressure the junta were weakened without Chinese and Indian backing.

Lawmakers vs Darfur genocide

Lawmakers angry over the "genocide" in Darfur vied to damage Sudan's economy by requiring US investors to pull out of foreign companies seen as propping up the Khartoum regime. But the US administration insisted that now was not the time for new sanctions from Congress, citing progress towards a peacekeeping force and reconciliation talks for the vast blood-stained region in western Sudan. At a hearing of the US Senate's powerful banking committee, Democrat Robert Menendez said the world had often said "never again" to the mass killings of civilians.

Conflict and famine in Darfur have left at least 200,000 people dead and two million displaced since Khartoum enlisted Janjaweed Arab militia allies to put down an ethnic minority revolt in 2003.

Storage bins

A garage provides more wall space than floor space, so it's an easy task to systematically assign and arrange that space. The ceiling is also a valuable resource for storage space. With the insertion of a few well-placed hooks, the ceiling can hold bicycles, ladders, and luggage out of the way. You can install other things like storage bins for items that are used infrequently or seasonally, such as camping gear, outdoor Christmas decorations or lights, or window screens and storm doors.

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Russia and the United States space cooperation

Russia and the United States, the world's great space powers, celebrated the eve of the first satellite launch 50 years ago with a pact to use Russian technology on NASA missions to seek water on the moon and Mars. NASA administrator Michael Griffin signed the cooperation deal with his Russian counterpart at a ceremony at the U.S. embassy residence in Moscow attended by cosmonauts and astronauts and featuring a recorded greeting from space. Both sides avoided mention of superpower rivalry during the Cold War and recent clashes over U.S. "Star Wars"-style missile defense plans to concentrate on what they had achieved together, first in the Apollo-Soyuz joint mission of 1975 and later with the International Space Station.