July 19, 2007

Women in the Iranian regime

The present dress code in Iran is unacceptable. People should be allowed to wear whatever they want. Those who are enforcing it have minimum education. They come from poor and ultra religious families. These people are so ill-informed and narrow-minded that they think everything in the terms of their own families and up bringing. They have no conception of Iranian history or culture or the modern world or even Islam. If they did, then they would know that according to Islam a woman is required to dress modestly. There is nothing about head to toe covering especially in hot summer.

Instead of improving Iran's economy, and improving her relation with the rest of the world, these backward and "don't know anything people" resort to punishing decent Iranians especially the women and the respected educated population. The Islamic regime has destroyed Iran's economy, damaged her culture and reputation. Further, by enforcing their archaic form of government, they have taken Iran back to the dark ages. As a result, an overwhelming majority of Iranians are sick and tired of this backward regime.

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