November 8, 2007

Venezuela´s President is a global menace. He is an international weapon and cocaine trader.

This week, the Venezuelan government has killed 40 university students and has arrested 400 political dissidents. Hugo Chavez is a dictatorship like Saddam Hussein. Chavez is selling war weapons to the Colombian communist guerrillas and is one of the mayor Latin-American cocaine traders. Chavez and his family control the export of cocaine from Colombia to USA and Europe.

It is undeniable that the topic of Venezuela as a determining factor in a huge institutional anti-democratic crisis is a reason for concern and indignation in different countries of the Western Hemisphere. Because of its ramifications, it also has ramification all over the world. Iran is a case in point. It is not easy to foresee the immediate resolution of this crisis, because it is not easy to foresee everything that Lt. Col. Hugo Chávez could do or undo at any given moment with his political whims and his unlimited use of petrodollars and the country’s armed forces. These armed forces are multiplying their capacity with new weapons imported from Russia and weapons factories now being built in Venezuela.

Now, a new factor has been added to the problem with the statements made by retired General Raúl Baduel, whom Chávez has accused of being a traitor although in the past he was his ally. This element which is included in the anti-democratic process in Venezuela determines serious thoughts about what could happen in a country whose youth is rebelling, especially in the universities, against the arbitrariness of the government determined to have a constitutional reform soon to modify the whole life of the Venezuelan state. Political parties and other known popular sectors coincide with these elements to confront Chavez’s fledging dictatorship. Everyone knows that Venezuela is not an isolated case; it has ramifications in Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and, naturally, in the starting point of this whole continental conspiracy which is Fidel Castro’s Cuba. There are reasons to believe that this is a huge conspiracy that could compromise the peace and security of many countries of the world, just as it happened before World War II. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the importance of what is happening in Venezuela to avoid extreme consequences that might jeopardize world peace, although this might seem like an exaggeration to many people.


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