November 10, 2007

Blog advertising network

Smorty is a newer service I got in on from another online community I'm a member of. I got onboard, bought a bunch of links, and am dang happy with what I got for the money. I also learned that when left to themselves bloggers seem to link to your site with your domain rather than fancy keywords. Interesting and made me wonder if I shouldn't be focusing a bit more on that type of link text. If you love to blog for money take a look on Smorty. You can also write reviews in exchange of money.

Smorty is a blog advertising network which works by the direct participation of bloggers. Advertisers who want to advertise on blogs to get their product out in the mass audience pay Smorty for advertising and Smorty pays bloggers for reviewing the advertisers’ services. Thus advertisers get the chance to harness the power of blogging to promote their brand and bloggers get cash for their opinions.

That’s right, it’s free. And, within a week, you could get some money in your wallets. A win-win situation. So, what’re you waiting for chums? Get cracking and utilize this opportunity.

Note: This is a sponsored review by Smorty.

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