November 2, 2007

I support the Iraq war and the expansion of democracy among Middle East countries

The latest figures for civilian deaths in Iraq suggest fewer people were killed in October compared to recent months. Is the tide beginning to turn in Iraq? The number is put at well below one thousand for the second month running. As recently as January, nearly two thousand people were killed. Casualties among the Iraqi and the American military are downward.

I support the Iraq war and the expansion of democracy among Middle East countries. Liberals critics do not want peace, they only want power. Thank God for the conservative movement keeping liberals safe from themselves. Also good job Gen. Petraus on lowering violence. Congratulations US forces.


brittanyj850 said...

I appreciate your opinion on the Iraq war, but I want to point out that you are assuming that America is ordained as the World Police alone, and not the UN.

BrittanyS said...

So are you implying that it's a good thing to babysit another country? Yes, congradulations to the U.S forces that invaded Iraq under false information. There is no reason at all for America to be there in the first place. Don't say it was because of the 9-11 attacks or the WMD. If you don't know already the hijackers on the 9/11 attacks were not connected to Iraq. So why are we really there in the first place?
Everyone is not an American citizen. Everyone has their own ideas. What you are trying to do is make everyone the same, which will never happen. Democracy resides in the people and not the government. What we are doing to the Iraqis is just about the same as what Saddam Hussein did to them.

Anonymous said...

holy shit nice response brittanys