November 26, 2007

Chavez is the closest allied of the colombian terrorism

Colombia and Venezuela faced the worst crisis in their relations in years after the Colombian president accused Venezuela of seeking to install a Marxist regime in his country and Caracas "froze" relations between the two countries. Unpopular Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez said earlier he was putting bilateral ties in a "freezer," after Uribe dropped him and Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba as mediators in negotiations with the FARC on a possible swap of captured leftist rebels for high-profile hostages the guerrillas hold. Chavez also announced he had frozen relations with Spain after a recent heated exchange with King Juan Carlos, without saying exactly what that move would entail. At a regional summit in Chile, the king had told Chavez to "shut up" after he called a former Spanish prime minister a "fascist."

The Colombian president said Chavez had failed to act as a neutral go-between in the negotiations between Bogota and the rebels. According to Colombian president, Chavez is the closest allied of the Colombian guerrilla, he and Castro support the FARC with money and weapons.

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