December 21, 2007

The US presidential campaign is turning fierce

The US presidential campaign is turning fierce as candidates attack each other over their tactics and records, less than two weeks before the crucial early nominating contests. The Democratic and Republican front-runners are pulling fewer and fewer punches as the first nominating contest, Iowa's caucuses on January 3, looms large.

Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign brought in Anthony Weiner, a New York member of the House of Representatives, to hurl some verbal punches at her Democratic rival Barack Obama. Weiner mentioned a New York Times article stating that Obama voted neither for nor against issues 130 times during his eight years as a state senator in the Illinois legislature. He cast some 4,000 votes during that time. Former senator John Edwards, who is polling a close third behind Clinton and Obama, accused the Clinton camp of distributing violently anti-Obama flyers falsely signed by his campaign -- in full knowledge that Iowa voters dislike dirty tricks and negative campaigning.

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