December 4, 2007

Chavez is methodically taking away liberties in Venezuela

Chavez is slowly, methodically taking away liberties; He suppresses free press & speech shutting down TV & radio stations. Intimidates opponents, cozies up to thugs like Castro & Ahmedinijad, acts the clown on world stage getting in spats with other leaders & states. Now he wants to increase & centralize prez powers by changing the constitution to suit his maniacal ego.
What do you lefties think about your hero now? If this doesn’t work, who wants to bet he will force it against peoples will like all good dictators.

I wonder what will happen to socialism when Venezuela runs out of its main source of income, oil, or if the industrialized nations begin implementing alternative forms of energy and re-useable energy. Like the pedestal Chavez has put himself on it will fall and the higher the pedestal the harder the fall as is the fate of all tyrants, despots and dictators.

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