December 19, 2007

Chavez intervention in Argentine elections

A US prosecutor claimed three covert Venezuelan agents offered two million dollars to hush up an alleged attempt to funnel 800,000 dollars from Venezuela to the electoral campaign of Cristina Kirchner, who is now Argentina's president.

That allegation was made after the Venezuelans were arrested in Miami last week and charged with failing to notify US authorities they were agents of the Venezuelan government. The arrests followed the seizure in August of a bag with 800,000 dollars in cash found in Buenos Aires aboard a chartered flight from Caracas. Guido Antonini, a dual US-Venezuelan national, who was carrying the suitcase, later flew back to his home in Miami, where the defendants allegedly approached him.

Hugo Chavez is trying to transform his democratic neighbors into communist allies, helped by his petrodollars. Chavez is financing the colombian narcoguerrilla, the communist candidates in all the continent and smuggling weapons to Bolivia.

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