March 12, 2008

US nuclear envoy appealed for full disclosure from North Korea

Chief US nuclear envoy Christopher Hill appealed for full disclosure from North Korea as he headed to Geneva for his first talks with his counterpart from the Stalinist nation in a month. North Korea must give a "complete and correct" declaration of its atomic activities, Hill told this ahead of his talks with opposite number Kim Kye-Gwan. North Korea last year signed a landmark deal to abandon all its nuclear weapons in exchange for badly needed energy and economic aid and major security and diplomatic benefits.

But the process -- involving the United States, China, both Koreas, Russia and Japan -- has been stalled since North Korea missed an end-2007 deadline to declare all its nuclear programs and disable its plutonium plant. North Korea has since blamed Washington for the deadlock, citing a US failure to remove Pyongyang from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. Hill and Kim met in Beijing last month in an effort to break the deadlock, but no progress was reported at the meeting.

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