March 12, 2008

Hugo Chavez is one of the US biggest enemies

The United States said new data about possible links between Venezuela and Colombia's FARC guerrilla group is disturbing but Washington is far from a decision to put Caracas on a terrorism blacklist. Colombia on March 1 conducted a raid in Ecuador that killed top FARC leader Raul Reyes, sparking a crisis that was defused on Friday with a Colombian apology and promise not to take similar action if its neighbors cooperated in fighting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

The Colombian government seized several computers as a result of the raid, saying they yielded data that proved leftist-led Ecuador and Venezuela was aiding the FARC, which the United States classifies as a terrorist group. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Tom Shannon said the United States was carefully studying the information on the computers as well as another one belonging to FARC leader Ivan Rios, who was killed by his own bodyguard last week.

Hugo Chavez is becoming the Osama bin Laden of the Americas. He is supporting illicit drugs trade and terrorism in the region for the creation of a block that fight US policies. We must understand that Hugo Chavez is one of the US biggest enemies.

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