March 15, 2008

China illegally invaded and occupied Tibet

Authorities in Tibet have given anti-Chinese demonstrators until Monday to surrender, following violence in the territory. China's state media has said ten innocent civilians were burned to death. Pro-Tibetan groups say many more Tibetan demonstrators were killed. Many Tibetans claim their culture has been diluted or even destroyed by Beijing and resent the local presence of Han Chinese, China's biggest ethnic group. China says Tibet has always been part of its territory.

China is nothing more than a single party dictatorship that has limited free speech and opposition parties, illegally invaded and occupied Tibet, and is not responding to the Darfur genocide to the standards of the international community. I’m sorry but the choice for a Olympics in a nation like this is hypocritical because there will be A LOT of money made and it seems like economics are always the bottom line, not the well being of the people.

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