October 25, 2007

Winston Peters says he is like Muhammad Ali

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says he is like the Muhammad Ali of politics and will come back from behind again. NZ First holds its annual conference in Taupo this weekend, lagging in the polls with the next election a year away. An average of recent polls puts NZ First on 2.75 percent, well below the 5 percent of votes needed to guarantee a return to Parliament. Mr Peters told NZPA he was not concerned, his party was in good heart and he was ready to fight another election campaign.

In 1999, NZ First survived the backlash from its coalition deal with National and its collapse, getting back into Parliament solely due to Mr Peters slim majority in Tauranga. In subsequent elections, Mr Peters led NZ First back into Parliament after suffering similar mid-term polling blues. Mr Peters believes NZ First can do it again.

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