October 12, 2007

Missile defense system. Russia role and rogue states threat.

Russia urges West not to build an anti-missile shield
Russia claims all the resources of the arctic as their own.
Russian heavy bombers again flying over Europe.
Mysterious deaths of Russian journalists and dissidents.
Strange poisoning of a Russian in Britain using 20 million dollars of rare isotope made only in the USSR.
The poisoning of the Ukrainian President.
Russia opposes sanctions on Iran.
Russia shuts off gas supplies to Europe Mid-Winter
Is anyone else suspicious beside myself

If a missile defense system can be made really effective and incorporate Russia it would be horribly expensive, but perhaps justified 'long term'. I remember that even the ancient missiles used by Iraq were capable of reaching targets in Israel with fair accuracy. Let's not 'mince words' here. The 'rogue states' in question are the Islamic ones of the Middle East who regard the West as an enemy. For the next decade or so securing ourselves against any such threat is a justifiable priority.

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