October 23, 2007

Opening the comunist Cuba

U.S. Cellular has announced it has recently completed construction of a cellular site in Cuba as part of an ongoing effort to expand its central Illinois network. This investment adds to the extensive statewide network of more than 1,400 U.S. Cellular cell sites. U.S. Cellular ranked highest overall in the North Central Region with fewer problems in call clarity, ease of connection, dropped or disconnected calls, static and voice distortion. U.S. Cellular has received the award for four consecutive reporting periods in the region that includes Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

The new site in Cuba will provide better call quality and additional capacity to serve the growing numbers of cell phone users in the area. U.S. Cellular has a team of engineers who continually test the area for network quality, review network data and respond to customer feedback to determine locations for new cell sites. Each site provides coverage and calling capacity for an area. When a customer makes a call, the U.S. Cellular phone transmits the caller’s voice to the nearest cell site, which then sends the call through the telephone network, where it is delivered to the receiver.

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