June 2, 2008

Taiwan-China talks

Taiwan has accepted an invitation from China to restart bilateral talks. Bilateral talks between China and Taiwan have been suspended for a decade but the election of Ma Ying-jeou as Taiwan's president in March has brought about a rapid thaw in relations. China has invited Taiwanese officials to attend talks in Beijing from 11 June, with the focus on tourism and charter flights. Chinese state media Xinhua said the talks would cover the issue of mainland tourists visiting Taiwan and the establishment of direct regular charter flights.

The immediate result of the talks will be more economic progress and reassurance that there will be peace for quite a some time. That is a good thing for all people. A civilization is stronger when its people are working together. Some people may still want independence but if you look at the Middle East, the Arab nations would not come to aid their fellow Arabs in Iraq even though they share similar culture and history. Chinese people should avoid disunity or they will all suffer.

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