June 12, 2008

Ireland to vote on EU reform treaty

Irish voters are going to the polls to decide whether to ratify the European Union reform treaty. Ireland is the only one of 27 member states to hold a referendum on the treaty and the vote is being anxiously watched across Europe. All of the main Irish parties back the Yes vote but the No campaign have made strong gains. Many voters remain undecided and polls suggest the result will be extremely close.
This Treaty is about restructuring institutions that are ALREADY there. It is about reforming and making the EU which has the overwhelming support of Irish people 90%+ . It is not about changing National Law's, or National Freedom.
The Yes side has been so slow and unable to get the basic simple principles that are good about this treaty across.
The No side has simply muddied the water, confused people. Putting doubts about the EU's involvement in Ireland's tax and abortion laws…

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