February 15, 2008

Politics in Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

The Chinese government has said political issues should not be linked to the 2008 Beijing Olympics amid mounting international criticism of its economic and military ties to Sudan.

If China can't face the truth, through public Freedom of Speech, about their terrible human rights history they have no place calling themselves Democratic and benefiting from western Capitalism. I don't even think China should have been GIVEN the honor of hosting the Olympics yet, until it has PROVED that it has changed it's policies and DESERVES the honor and privilege.

Sporting achievement is about the triumph of human spirit and that is what Olympics signify. Any athlete who believes so is right in airing his views on repression of the human spirit. After all, the most political statements of our times were made on the playing field...Jesse Owens (1936, Berlin), Power to the People salute (1968, Mexico City), Moscow Boycott(1980). China cannot push the dirt under carpet anymore, it needs to introspect. After all there's no smoke without fire.

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