February 15, 2008

Gold coins if you know what Greenspan said today

There is an increasingly wide range of methods available to investors wanting to buy gold, or gain exposure to gold price movements. From gold coins to complex structured financial products, the most appropriate way will depend on the requirements and outlook of the individual investor.

My reasoning for my interest in gold coins is a little unique. I've tried to avoid the cliché stories about gold and gold coins. They're the "easy" stories to tell you. I'm avoiding them because, quite frankly, the easy stories gold bugs sell you are not the reason I'm buying.

I buy gold coins because, first of all, I believe that gold is cheap.

Gold is financial catastrophe insurance. And we haven't had a financial catastrophe in the U.S. in 25 years. I'm not predicting financial catastrophe here, but if you hear Greenspan you will fear. I'm simply buying catastrophe insurance, when it's at its cheapest.

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