January 27, 2008

Suharto's Legacy

Another Asian leader who robed his country for years and involved in human rights abuses have passed away. He succeeded Suharno who ruled Indonesia for long in the same way with abuses. When their was a revolt in the country by left wing radicals Suharto as a army commander crushed the revolt and came to power as the president of Indonesia. His rule continued after that for 32 years with many abuses. Finally he was also throne out of power by a people revolt and democracy was established.

Suharto's accomplishments in building Indonesia's economy and infrastructure do not compensate for his venality, corruption, or brutality. His legacy in East Timor is especially damning. While I am not an Indonesian and thus cannot assess his legacy firsthand, I know enough about him to know that he should not be missed. However, I will leave the final verdict to the historians.

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