January 18, 2008

Drug related crime is the bane of Western Society

About 80% of the world's cocaine comes from Colombia. It is worth about $60 billion when sold on the streets. The profits are used to finance hostage-taking rebels and paramilitaries in the civil war.

History has shown that Drugs are an essential economic stabilizing factor; the governments themselves are in support of cocaine trades as it provides a source of income regardless of medial and medical criticism. If you were to consider the situation in Colombia and Afghanistan, its evident that the government, if they had the intention to stop the consumption of such dangerous drugs, they are unlikely to prevail.

Drugs are an international problem that requires action across borders and Governments.
Drug related crime is the bane of Western Society so everything should be considered.
Production must be reduced. Use military action, farmer’s subsidies to grow something else or anything else that works.

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