August 23, 2007

The Russia's problem

Russia's problem is internal. It disrespects its people. Well before ww2 they were killing each other like there's no tomorrow. It's groucho marx army guffed so badly in Finland - the WaffenSS couldn't resist. As usual their hostile climate saved their bacon. Then after loosing 20M after the war - they opened up the gulags. Today the Russians are killing themselves on drink, on poverty. The mafia is taking over the privatized scraps. Moscow the most expensive city in the world - is a laughing stock. The youth are turning to a "Nazi" styled nationalism. Child-abuse goes unchecked. It's a mafia where all the members are dieing of aids. on their last legs

Strength comes from within. A system that rewards people by performance, by effort, that creates the best. With 0 tolerance for abuses. a respect for your neighbors whether they agree with you or not. Internationally how many nations have they helped? How many favors are they owed. Russian benevolence? Instead the crooks in Monaco are flashing their cash. The oligarchs are investing in arty thrash & dumb broads. It's time these guys broke some sweat? But grassroots strength has always been Russia's weakness. They always seem to have to learn the hard way.

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