August 26, 2007

China’s poor quality commerce

China is waging an "Economic War" for domination of the world economy, but fighting as if it was a "Conventional War", meaning that dirty tricks and acceptible casualties factor into their 'game'. How many of us are really so blinded by greed for a "good deal" that we cannot see that those with whom we may choose to deal in fact have no scruples and may even want to get ahead at our expense?

A democracy we should only be buying from other democratic countries anyway.

It seems that in China, these commodities are being produced very cheaply, but under poor governmental supervision. Clearly, this is not just China's problem. It's aweful that many countries are importing these dangerous and cheaply made commodities in order to pay less for them. This is what happens when we out-source and import everything. We will find that other countries production standards are below.

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