April 3, 2008

Hugo Chavez is spreading terrorist groups in Peru

Hugo Chavez has been accused of using Venezuela's oil riches to meddle in Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Now, Peru's president says the Venezuelan leader may be doing it in Peru by funding militants and anti-poverty centers that preach populist revolution.

In recent weeks, Peruvian police have arrested nine people the government alleges are militants bankrolled by Venezuela. And the head of a Congressional investigatory committee accused Venezuela of supplying funds to outreach centers he says agitate against the government. President Alan Garcia supports the ongoing investigation into the centers. Venezuela and allies Bolivia and Ecuador want to destabilize Peru so that country adheres to their type of thinking, so that Peru fails.

Chavez is spreading terrorist groups around Latin America, searching to destroy the democratic system. If Chavez wins more power in the region, he will move these terrorist groups inside United States, to cause sabotage and political violence.

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