September 18, 2007

India water controversy

The controversy over the sharing of water of river Yamuna with other states has brought the infighting within the ruling Congress to the fore with the government accusing its own former chief minister of 'misleading the state and making a mockery of the interests of Haryana'. Raking up the issue with media persons, Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the then chief minister had misled the state and his own cabinet while signing the Yamuna water agreement in 1994.

The clear reference was to former Congress chief minister Bhajan Lal though Hooda did not name him. Haryana's Irrigation Minister Ajay Singh Yadav was more open in his criticism of Bhajan Lal. Yadav openly accused Bhajan Lal not only of misleading the state but also not keeping his cabinet colleagues informed of the agreement before signing it.

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